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The Fool’s Lantern: A New St. Michaels Hot Spot

November 14, 2023

From welcome parties, rehearsal dinners, things to do, and a Sunday sendoff brunch, planning a wedding weekend certainly includes much more planning than just the wedding itself. The Fool’s Lantern is St. Michaels’ first and only self-serve wine and taproom and might just be the coolest new place to host any or all of these additional wedding events! A delicious menu complimented by a self-serve wine and beer bar and the nicest staff make The Fool’s Lantern the place to be for all things fun. We chatted with Allison and Michael to hear all about this new St. Michaels hot spot.

– Tell us a little bit about The Fool’s Lantern. –

The Fool’s Lantern is St. Michaels’ first and only self-serve wine and taproom. Our self-serve drink wall features 12 draft beers and 24 wines, paired with a menu consisting of a variety of tapas, charcuterie, sandwiches, dips, and desserts. We love making a unique and lasting impression when hosting any type of event associated with a wedding celebration. Upon a guests return home we’d love for them to think…”Wow! What a great wedding! The Fool’s Lantern was such a great place to socialize with all the guests over some great wine and awesome food! What a unique experience!”

Are there any trends that you are expecting to see in the 2024 wedding season? –

As a new business, we’re still getting a feel for how wedding market is evolving. We have noticed that welcome and departure parties are becoming more prevalent. This is especially true for destination wedding venues.

– What would you say are the top 3 things couples should consider when looking for a venue for a wedding
or wedding related event? –

Does the venue match what they are trying to accomplish (full sit down meal, nibbles, something in between; formal/informal setting/atmosphere; white glove level of service vs. self-service vs. something in between; standard/customizable food/beverage menu)?

Once the couple has determined what they want for their guests, does the venue provide those products and services with a proper mix of quality and value?

Can the venue deliver the agreed upon products and services flawlessly?

– What do you think is the best thing about the array of options that you can potentially offer a couple? –

We believe that our pour-your-own drink wall provides a unique, interactive, and social experience for their wedding guests. In addition, the tapas style menu provides a well balanced mix of high quality dishes of varying cuisine styles. Coupling the beer and wine offerings with the various tapas dishes, we are sure to elate even the most particular guest.

– What is the most important thing you would like couples to know about The Fool’s Lantern? –

The focal point of our offering is our beverage wall. We believe guests will love the experience of trying different wines and beers and sharing those choices with their fellow guests. In parallel, our wide ranging, high quality tapas menu provides a similar experience. Variety across the board! It’s fun, interactive, and delicious. Finally, we are eager to work with couples to customize their experience. This includes custom drinks and food items that may not be part of our normal product offering.

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