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Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, after water. Authentic, high-quality teas can be more expensive, but offer a rewarding tea-drinking experience for enthusiasts. The Doehrn Tea Company is a Maryland cottage food business venture by Monika Mraz, focused on bringing together a tea-loving community who enjoys delicious, high-quality, loose-leaf teas and tisanes.

The flavor of tea varies by where it is harvested and how it is grown and processed. The most popular worldwide (think Earl Grey and English Breakfast), is black tea followed by green, oolong, and white tea. Herbal teas, or tisanes, don’t include tea leaves but are a blend of roots, leaves, and blooms from other plants such as the South African plant Rooibos, dried herbs like mint, spices, flower (chamomile and hibiscus), fruit, and seeds. Herbals are most often a great caffeine-free alternative.

Looseleaf Tea Wedding Favors

A cup of tea is so often linked with a special memory… offer your guests a delicious cup of tea as a wonderful wedding memory once they are home. Choose a favorite tea that you hold dear, create a special blend that reflects your personality or your wedding’s theme. Choose up to three varietals of tea, including caffeine-free herbals, from the Doehrn Tea menu in a personalized ½ oz pouch that could include your names and date or a special message to your guests.

Some varietals include… English Breakfast • Earl Grey • Moroccan Mint • Lemon Ginger Oolong
• Darjeeling • Chamomile Rooibos • Ginger Pear • Berry Royales



“Doehrn Tea is my new go-to gift for family and friends! The tea is excellent and the packaging is beautiful. Love, love, love!”

– Katharine H. 2024

“Your teas were a big hit. Several people took pictures of the label on your bag AND it sounds like we will be planning a trip to Oxford for a tea soon. The Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Golden Monkey were big hits. I introduced them to your Chamomile, which was highly satisfying too.”

– Valerie

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