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Frame your Forever with Laura’s Focus Photography

April 24, 2024

Step into the world of captivating moments frozen with Laura’s Focus Photography. With an artistic eye and a passion for storytelling, Laura captures the essence of every special moment, turning them into cherished memories that last a lifetime. Laura combines creativity, professionalism, and a personal touch to ensure each client receives stunning images that reflect their unique story. Join us as we talk with Laura herself to explore the artistry and dedication behind Laura’s Focus Photography, and discover the lovely lady behind the lens.

Laura's Focus Photography Wedding Ceremony Photography

– Tell us a little bit about Laura’s Focus Photography –

I started shooting weddings in 2005 right out of college for a few friends and fell in love with it! Weddings are my absolute favorite because of all the priceless moments that happen throughout the day. I love to tell the story of each wedding day while capturing personalities, expressions, and moments as well as the details and the changing scenes throughout the day. This, I would describe as a more documentary style that I learn towards. I also love to throw in some fine art photography with interesting compositions and colorful flash photography.

Laura's Focus Photography

Are there any trends that you are expecting to see in the 2024 wedding season? –

I’d say more and more of my couples are leaning towards the first look so they can enjoy their cocktail hour.

Laura's Focus Photography First Look Portraits

– What would you say are the top 3 things couples should consider when looking for a photographer? –

  1. Check out a full gallery to see if you like their reception lighting style as well as their natural light shooting style.
  2. Make sure the photography style speaks to you. Some couples are drawn to documentary and others like more of an editorial look.
  3. Meet or talk with your photographer to see if you connect and feel comfortable with them. This will help create some amazing moments in the photographs!

Laura's Focus Photography

– What do you think is the best thing about the array of options that you can potentially offer a couple? –

I feel comfortable with all lighting situations, giving couples meaningful shots throughout the day and night. A lot of focus on social media tends to be on the natural light day shots, however, half the day tends to be the reception giving time for creative lighting portraits.

Golden Hour Lighting Portraits by Laura's Focus Photography

– Can you tell us about a time when you problem solved for a wedding client? –

I try to maximize the amount of time my couples spend with their guests. In every planning session, we talk about how to do just that while also pulling couples briefly for prime photo times including golden hour and blue hour light.

Laura's Focus Photography | Golden Hour Wedding Photography | Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

– What is the most important thing you would like couples to know about Laura’s Focus Photography? –

My primary goal is to capture your story and your love. I want your family and friends to see a picture of the two of you and instantly see you as the unique couple that you are.

Laura's Focus Photography    Laura's Focus Photography Wedding Reception Portraits

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