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Capturing Romance: 3 Tips for a Romantic Golden Hour Photo Shoot

November 6, 2023

Golden hour, that magical time just before sunset or after sunrise, has long been a favorite among photographers for its soft, warm, and dreamy light. For couples planning their engagement, wedding, or even just a romantic evening out, incorporating a golden hour photo shoot into the timeline can result in breathtakingly romantic images that will be cherished for a lifetime. Take a look at the top 3 things to consider when planning your photos, right from our amazing MESW Photographers!


Timing is Everything

The first and most crucial aspect of planning a successful golden hour photo shoot is timing. Golden hour occurs during the first hour of sunlight after sunrise and the last hour of sunlight before sunset. To capture that dreamy, warm light, it’s essential to plan your shoot during this time frame. Be sure to check the sunset time in your location and work with your photographer to schedule your shoot accordingly. Keep in mind that the exact timing may vary depending on the season and your geographical location.

Choose the Right Location

Selecting a perfect location for a romantic golden hour photo shoot is the next step in designing your dreamy photos. While golden hour light can make almost any backdrop look magical, some places naturally lend themselves to a more romantic ambiance. Here are a few of our favorite landscapes to see under the gorgeous golden hour light:

  • Beaches: The soft, warm light of golden hour combined with the serene backdrop of the ocean creates a truly romantic setting. The reflection of the setting sun on the water adds an extra layer of enchantment.
  • Countryside or Fields: Rolling hills, open fields, and meadows bathed in golden light create a rustic and romantic atmosphere. The juxtaposition of nature’s beauty and your love story can result in breathtaking photos.
  • Urban Landscapes: Don’t discount the charm of an urban golden hour shoot. Cityscapes can offer unique and romantic backdrops, with the soft light complementing the architectural details and street scenes.
  • Gardens and Parks: Lush greenery, blooming flowers, and well-maintained gardens are a classic choice for a romantic golden hour shoot. The natural beauty of these locations pairs perfectly with the warm, ethereal light.

Wardrobe and Styling

Carefully consider your wardrobe and styling to make the most of your photos. The soft, warm hues of golden hour light complement certain color palettes and clothing choices exceptionally well. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Colors: Opt for soft, muted colors like blush, pastel blue, or pale yellow. These tones harmonize beautifully with the warm, golden light and create a romantic ambiance.
  • Flowy Fabrics: Flowy dresses and skirts for the bride and soft, lightweight clothing for the groom can add a sense of movement and romance to the photos as they catch the gentle breeze.
  • Accessories: Consider adding floral crowns, veils, or other accessories that enhance the romantic atmosphere. These elements can also add a personal touch to your photos.
  • Hair and Makeup: For a golden hour shoot, aim for a natural and soft look. Subtle, dewy makeup and loose, romantic hairstyles work well to complement the warm, dreamy light.

A golden hour photo shoot is a fantastic way to capture the romance and love shared between a couple on their wedding day, or any special day to celebrate their love. By carefully planning the timing, selecting the right location, and paying attention to wardrobe and styling, you can create enchanting and timeless images that will forever remind you of the love you share. Embrace the golden hour, and let its magical light paint your love story in the most romantic way possible.

Photos courtesy of Laura’s Focus Photography & Arbor Lane Studios

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