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Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to see the policies that underscore everything we do here at MyEasternShoreWedding.com(MESW). By using this website, please be aware that you agree to our policies explained and enumerated below:

First, your privacy- we take your privacy very seriously. Any information collected when you are visiting the website will never be shared, sold or rented to any third parties without your consent. Whatever personally-identifiable information we collect is used to enhance and improve the experience you have when visiting the website. By accessing MESW, information including, but not limited to, IP address, browser characteristics, and location is collected using tools such as Google Analytics. We use this information to improve your experience while on the site.

Examples of personal information we collect may also include the number of visits to a page, traffic patterns, visits from other websites or to third parties linked to our site, etc. This is called “log data”.

You may be willing to give MESW information such as your name and email address when you “subscribe” to the site. Other types of personal information may include your location, information delivered in comments or photos. We do not share this information. We will use it only for the purpose stated. MESW may share “aggregated data” with third parties in order to market the site but we will never share personal information.

This information is collected by almost any website you access and can be reviewed as follows:

  1. we may collect information about what device you are using to access the site be it desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, the OS, OS version.
  2. log data as stated above, such as IP address, etc.
  3. cookies- we may use them to give you a better site experience by activating additional site features. Most cookies will expire when you complete your site visit but some may linger until you delete them.

There are usually exceptions to everything and here are the instances when sharing date may occur: 1.) if we believe in good faith that information should be disclosed in order to protect the security, property and/or assets and rights of MESW from any unauthorized use or misuse of the site, including anything on the site and 2.) we may disclose information as required by law, while seeking to protect the privacy of the individual.

Permission to Use: Our use of your information is consistent with our Privacy Policy. When you submit your information, the use of it will be clear within the context of what is stated or requested of you. It is assumed by MESW that in providing this information, you understand and approve of its use.

Withdrawing Your Consent: If after giving MESW your information, you decide you no longer want to be on the subscriber list, please email us at hello@myeasternshorewedding.com and you will be removed promptly.

Advertising: MESW accepts paid advertising. At times, paid advertising may influence a blog post or other topics and content and no notice is given of this fact. Even though the owners of this site may receive compensation for advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on a topic or product. The views and opinions expressed are the writer’s or site’s own. Any claim about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

Copyright: The MESW website is copyrighted. No part of the site, either in whole or in part, may be used by any third parties for any reason without consent. On occasion, we may share a blog post with another website for marketing purposes, which is allowable but requires prior consent.

Linkbacks: Links on the site are for reference and visitor use. Linking to third party sites implies no endorsement on the part of MESW to those sites, nor can we control the activities on those sites. Please note that privacy policies may vary from site to site. It is incumbent upon a visitor to read any visited site’s policies.

Secure data- details: You should not assume that emails to or from our site are secure, as there is always a risk with email. We follow accepted industry standards to protect personal data.

User consent: Use of this site implies consent, both personal, and, if in the case you access the site from a company site whose information you submit, professional, This means you consent to collection and use of information by MESW as we describe in this document. This applies to both privacy issues and term of service. If you continue to use the site without accepting these terms, you absolve MESW from any responsibility to the user.

Modifications: MESW reserves the right to modify, in part or whole, these policies at any time. Notice of changes will be published on this page. If you have any questions, please email us at info@myeasternshorewedding.com.

Editorial Policy: We always credit photography on this site to the best of our knowledge and it is used under the Fair Use Doctrine of the U. S. Copyright Law. If you would like a photograph removed, and you own the rights to said photograph, or you would like a change in credit, please contact us at hello@myeasternshorewedding.com. We reserve the right to ask for proof of ownership for accuracy purposes.

Comments policy: We welcome all thoughts and opinions, however, respectful behavior towards any and all content on the site is expected. Any comment considered rude, inappropriate, vulgar, offensive and/or disrespectful or spam will be removed or deleted. Problems with companies featured on our site should be directed to that company as MESW is not a good place to air grievances. On another note, comments clearly intended to promote a company or website will be marked as spam and removed. Comments belong to their authors and are not necessarily representative of the views and opinions of MESW or any of its sponsors.

Reposting and Syndication: If you would like to use photographs posted on MESW, please credit and link back to MESW and the original source and photographer. We do not allow syndication of our content. If you would like to use text, please take an excerpt, surround in quotes, and credit and link to MyEasternShoreWedding.com.

Last updated 5/1/16

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