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How-To for Your “I do!”

April 3, 2014


It finally looks like Spring is “Springing”! The weather’s getting warmer and we’re so ready to kick back poolside and enjoy that laid-back livin’s easy feeling that only this time of year brings. This has the ladies at keeping a lookout for some great reads that we’ll be slipping into our beach bag. Naturally, we’ve been drawn to those centered around all things wedding and here’s a few we’ve really liked:

A Practical Wedding: Creative Ideas for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration

By Meg Keene
Now, some of you may not be fans of the usual “How-To Self-Help Guide to [fill in the blank]”…however, this book is different—really! It’s smart, it’s funny and best of all, it really is practical. Perhaps what we like most about this writer can be summed up like this: “…what matters on your wedding day, what you will remember when you’re old and gray, is how it felt. The carefully crafted details are, in the end, just that: details.” That is not to say that she doesn’t have some great advice for every detail-oriented step of your way, just that she keeps the true meaning of this “big party” in the forefront. From an “Anti To-Do List” to her “Do-It-Together” guide, Keene will help get you successfully, and joyfully, to the alter.

Wedding Cake for Breakfast: Essays on the Unforgettable First Year of Marriage

By Editors Kim Perel and Wendy Sherman
This heartwarming anthology is a collection of glimpses into everything that comes after the “I do”. More that 20 highly acclaimed women writers give a bit of insight into the first 365 days of married life. The format makes it a great book to pick up when you’re in need of a genuine laugh or a good cry. Best of all, it assures us that we’re not alone in navigating this crazy thing called marriage.

Shopaholic Ties the Knot

By Sophie Kinsella
You might already be familiar with the trials and tribulations of Becky Bloomwood; this is the third novel (out of six) in the Shopaholic series. Miss Bloomwood is living out her dream as a personal shopper living in Manhattan with her wildly successful boyfriend, Luke. When he pops the question, Becky is thrilled, and thus begins the hilarious tale of her wedding planning process with all its ups and downs. If you’re looking for a light and fun read, this is a great choice!

The Elegant At-Home Wedding

By Janice Carnevale
Janice Carnevale has taken her years of experience as a wedding planner, and created a downloadable e-book to help guide you through the big decisions. She’s upfront and honest about the costs and time demands of hosting and planning a backyard wedding, but has plenty of useful pointers to make sure you avoid any costly mistakes.

What are some great reads you’ll be packing in your beach bag this season?

Let us know, and you might be the subject of an upcoming blog post!


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