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Crush the Wedding Hashtags Game with our Pals at WeddingHashers!

November 20, 2019

If you’ve been to a wedding lately, you know that wedding hashtags are having a moment. What people might not know is that these witty word pairings aren’t just for giggles –a hashtag is a great way  to compile all the photos taken by your bridal party and guests into one place. From engagement parties to bachelorette and bridal showers, to the wedding day itself, a wedding hashtag makes sharing photos associated with your wedding experience on platforms like Instagram and Facebook soooo easy. Then, those photos can be accessed with just a simple search. And, (as an added bonus), since most professional photographers take around six to eight weeks to return your gallery, you’ll have something to look at right away! 

With so many things on your plate when it comes to wedding planning, the good news is that there is help for creating a hashtag. Don’t have time?  The people at the weddinghashers.com  will do it for you! Read on for their 6 steps to an awesome wedding hashtag and everything you need to know about this clever wedding trend!

Photo shows wedding hashtag in use on a wedding program.

Step 1:

Make a list of your first and last names, nicknames, hobbies, even words related to your hobbies, and where/how you met.

Cute ideas for using wedding hashtags at your wedding.

Step 2:

Find all the words that sound like and rhyme with the names and words you came up with in step 1. Here is rhyming dictionary and a sounds like dictionary (yes those exist).

Step 3:

Find some phrases! Use this again. This. And even this, but you can always come up with more on your own. Still nothing? Don’t panic, just calmly proceed to step 4!

Wedding hashtag on backdrop behind kissing bride and groom. Photography by Cassidy MR Photography

Step 4:

Time to break up that difficult name! Names with more than 2 syllables are difficult to “pun-ify” into a hashtag. (Make puns out of…)
For example:
Kryszton -> Krysz -> Crazy -> KryszyStupidLove.
DiBrosio -> DiB -> CallingDiBsOnHer.
Don’t want to break up the name? Step 5 it is!

wedding hashtag on custom sandwich board sign idea at wedding. Photography by Jennifer Madino Photography

Step 5:

Maybe puns aren’t for you, but don’t worry, you can also use style rhyming and alliteration in your wedding hastag! Puns, however, usually get the most laughs so try and expand your word list in step 1 with ALL the words relevant to you as a couple. Did you meet playing softball? #SwingAndAMrs, #ForBatterOrWorse, #HitchItOutOfThePark- that kind of thing. Getting married on a cruise? #ItsABoatTime, #LetsGetKnotical, #CruiseAndIDos. Is she/he a nurse? #ForBetterOrNurse. Is she/he a police officer? #ForTheArrestOfOurLives. If nothing is coming to you, then time to get back to the rhyme dictionary since rhymes can be the easiest to remember. #SoloToCorello, #CallUsSukalus, #DownWithBrown.

Nothing rhymes with any of your names/words? Don’t have any hobbies? Then it’s alliteration time! See step 6.

wedding signage on prop table for photobooth  at wedding. Photography by Jennifer Madino Photography

instructions for a selfie station on a table with polaroid camera and film. Photography by Jennifer Madino PhotographyStep 6:

Alliterations” are the last stop on the hashtagging journey. They have the benefit of ease of memorability, spelling, and most importantly, ease of generation. Here is a table of wedding/marriage related words paired by letter.

A: Aisle, Always, All About, After
B: Begin, Become, Betting On, Bring, Bride, Better
C: Call Us, Club, Catching, Choosing, Chasing
D: Down, Double, I Do
E: Ever, Everlasting
F: Finally, Forever
G: Go, Gladly, Get, Gotta
H: Have, Heart, Hold, Happily, Hitched, Hung Up, Hello
I: I Do
J: Joining
K: Keeping
L: Love
M: Marry, More, Make, Meet, Market
N: Knot, Newly, Nuptial, Now
O: Onto, One
P: Perfect, Plunge, Put, Picking
R: Ring
S: Start, Say Yes, Squared, Soon to Be, Spouse, Sticking With
T: Two, Time, Take, Ties, Toast
U: Union
V: Vow
W: Wedding, Winning, White, Wife
X: Extremely
Y: Yes

As the most prolific wedding hashtag writers out there, we thought we’d give you some insight into how it’s done. If you think you have a difficult name for a hashtag, fear not! We truly believe that an awesome hashtag can be created for every last name! Even though your wedding is only one day, a wedding hashtag can be remembered and used your entire life. So if everything has to be perfect on your wedding day, then everything must be perfect with your wedding hashtag- times a lifetime! Hopefully this blog helps you learn the process of hashtagging, but if not, we’d love to write some for you! Just start here.

Photos Courtesy of Rob Korb Photography | Left Photo Courtesy of Jess Becker Photography | Right Photo Courtesy of Cassidy MR Photography |  Jennifer Madino Photography

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