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Shhh! Tips and Tricks for Tipping Your Vendors: The Taboo Talk Nobody Wants to Have

November 1, 2023

Hello, lovely couples! We’re here to sprinkle a little stardust of knowledge on your wedding planning journey and talk about a topic that’s often surrounded by question marks and fluttering hearts – tipping your wonderful wedding vendors. We’re here to help guide you through the enchanting but sometimes confusing world of wedding vendor appreciation.

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Trendy Thank-You’s

In the realm of weddings, gratitude is the key to unlocking the treasure trove of cherished memories. And what better way to express your thanks than with a well-deserved tip? The trend these days is all about acknowledging the dedication and hard work of those who make your big day shine brighter than a thousand stars.

Who Gets the Fairy Dust

Now, let’s breeze through who usually finds their way into the fairy tale of tipping. It’s customary to tip vendors who provide personal services and go above and beyond to make your day pure magic. Think of your magical hair and makeup team, the oh-so-talented photographer capturing those heart-fluttering moments, the DJ who keeps everyone on their toes, and the fabulous floral designers who bring your vision to life.

Dosing the Delight

Ah, the question that makes many couples twirl in uncertainty: How much should you tip? Well, dear hearts, the customary tip ranges between 15-20% of the total cost of the service. For smaller tasks like deliveries, $20-$50 is a sprinkle of gratitude that will surely bring smiles.

Decoding the Magic

While tipping is an expression of gratitude, remember that some vendors might include gratuity in their contract. To avoid accidentally double-dipping your wand, review your agreements and receipts to ensure you’re sprinkling your fairy dust in the right places.

Extra Sparkles of Wisdom

  1. Coordinator and Planner: If you’re working with a planner or coordinator, they’re your wedding wizards. Tipping them around 10-20% of their fee is a sweet gesture for their exceptional spell-weaving.

  2. Catering Crew: If gratuity isn’t already included, tipping 15-20% of your catering bill ensures the chefs and serving staff feel the love too.

  3. Photographers and Videographers: These memory weavers capture your most precious moments. Tipping around $50-$100 per person acknowledges their artistry and dedication.

  4. Floral Fairy Godmothers: The florists who transform your venue into a wonderland of blooms appreciate a tip of $50-$100 per staff member for their blooming brilliance.

  5. Venue Magicians: The enchanting venue staff who ensure everything sparkles deserve a tip of around $100-$200. If they go above and beyond, a little extra sparkle wouldn’t hurt.

  6. DJs and Melody Craftsmen: The music maestros who keep the rhythm of joy alive can be tipped around 10-20% of their fee or $50-$100.

  7. Bands that Harmonize Love: For live music that serenades your special day, consider tipping band members around $25-$50 each. If they’ve set the stage on fire, feel free to amp up the applause.

As you embark on the adventure of showing appreciation, keep in mind that these figures are a blend of tradition and gratitude. Adjust them based on your budget, the level of service, and the enchantment these artisans have spun into your wedding tapestry.

Final Flourish

As you dance towards your happily ever after, don’t let the joy of gratitude be overshadowed by the nitty-gritty of tipping. Remember, every vendor who adds a sprinkle of enchantment to your day deserves a dash of your appreciation. With a pinch of generosity and a sprinkle of consideration, you’ll be waltzing into marital bliss with the sweetest memories of a day that was, truly, a fairy tale brought to life.

Here’s to love, laughter, and tipping our magical wedding vendors – the unsung heroes of our happily ever afters! ✨???

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