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De-Stress With Self Care Tips From Local Wellness Gurus

September 25, 2019
prewedding tips from local wellness experts - self care tips for couples and expert advice on how to relax before your wedding

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How To Relax Before The Wedding: Self Care Tips From Local Experts

Planning your big day is stressful, so we sat down with Sullivan Surgery & Spa and Mat Life Yoga to get their self care tips and expert advice on how to relax before the wedding. Whether you’re knees-deep in DIY decor or swooning over your event planner’s latest email, we all know that self care is usually not included in pre-wedding prep. Moreover, it’s not always the first item on your list of things to do right after the proposal. Yet, obtaining the aura of Bridechilla is possible with a little help. So, take it from local experts on the eastern shore. Self care is a must if you want your wedding day photos to shine. And guys, these aren’t just self care tips for women. You can use them too! Take a read and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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Radiating Beauty & Self Care Advice From Sullivan Surgery & Spa

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer a variety of services including plastic surgery, medical-grade skincare treatments (facials & peels), injectables (botox & filler), laser treatments, microneedling, airbrush tanning and more!

Q: What makes your services unique?

A: What makes us stand out from the crowd would have to be that we are a team of compassionate women lead by Dr. Kelly Sullivan MD, FACS. Dr. Sullivan is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery among many other prestigious surgical societies. Dr. Sullivan received her education from Harvard University, MIT and Emory University. The fact that we are an all-women practice makes us especially unique in this field.

The fact that we are an all women practice makes us especially unique in this field.

Q: What is the most important thing or things for a bride to consider doing before her wedding day?

A: Brides should meet with a medical esthetician 6-12 months in advance of their wedding to address skincare goals and concerns. Facials, peels and quality skincare products can do wonders for your skin ahead of your big day! The bridal party can also benefit from these services. We often see the mother of the bride or groom months in advance as well in our med spa. These ladies also tend to have a consult 6-12 months ahead of the wedding day with Dr. Sullivan to discuss plastic surgery options (eyes, liposuction, breast augmentation/reduction, etc.) so they will look and feel their best. Many choose non-surgical options such as botox and fillers to meet their facial rejuvenation goals. We offer 3 and 6 months packages to maximize the value of your services.

Q: Do you offer services for men?

A: We DO offer services for men which include everything that we offer for women! Men can choose to receive surgery, liposuction, injectables, facials, lasering and much more. We also offer services at the same time for couples.

Q: If a bride only wants to do one thing before her wedding, what do you suggest?

A: Brides should focus on whatever it is that will make them feel the most confident on their special day! We’re here to help you achieve your beauty and wellness goals.

Q: What do you feel is the benefit of skincare beyond the physical?

A: The benefits of skincare and personal wellness are to bring out the inner beauty and confidence in a person. If you feel confident, you radiate happiness and beauty inside and out!

If you feel confident, you radiate happiness and beauty inside and out!

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advice for how to relax before the wedding day from local eastern shore wellness guru mat life yoga

Courtesy of Mat Life Yoga

Ways To Keep Calm With Mat Life Yoga:

Q: What are the services you offer?

A: I offer private, semi-private, and group yoga sessions. I can come on the day of the wedding or the night before to help calm the nerves of the bridal party. I have also lead sessions at bachelorette parties to help add an element of wellness to what’s typically a time of overindulgence.

Q: What makes your services unique?

A: What makes my services unique is the fact that I have mats, blocks, and straps, so no equipment is required for the yoga class. I essentially bring the yoga studio to the client. This allows the bridal party to simply enjoy the class. I am also able to customize the class according to the level of those present. I have worked with many bridal parties that are multi-generational. I’m able to make sure everyone present enjoys themselves. From those who might have physical limitations to those who have never done yoga to those who are experienced yogis, I can handle all levels of experience. I’m able to do this by offering modifications for certain poses or removing some postures so no one feels left out and everyone is refreshed and ready for what’s to come.

Don’t forget about your mental well being when you’re planning your wedding.

Q: What do you think are the 3 most important things a bride should consider doing/having done before OR AFTER her wedding?

A: Don’t forget about your mental well being when you’re planning your wedding. You may not notice the effects the stress of planning a wedding may have on your body right away, but it will eventually catch up to you. It may be in the form of sleeplessness or a lowered immune system. But, if you take just a little time to do some yoga or meditate, you’ll be able to stave off some of the negative effects of wedding planning stress. Next, doing yoga the day of the wedding–for the bride and/or the groom- is a good way to alleviate some of the stress associated with the upcoming nuptials. Finally, a bride might consider booking a yoga class the day after the wedding–if she is not leaving for the honeymoon. Even a couples yoga class might be a fun way to decompress after a night of celebrating.

Q: Do you have services for men? Do you offer a couples package?

A: I can do an all-male yoga class for the groomsmen–sometimes men are intimidated by women in the class, particularly if they are new to yoga because women (in general) are more flexible and able to get into the postures with greater ease. Men benefit from yoga just as much as women. It can help the groom de-stress before he walks down the aisle. Yes, I can offer a couples package! 

It’s a good way for her to take a moment to focus exclusively on herself and let all the details of the wedding fall away.

Q: If a bride only does ONE thing before her wedding, what would that one thing be?

A: Yoga would definitely benefit the bride before her wedding. It’s a good way for her to take a moment to focus exclusively on herself and let all the details of the wedding fall away. That way she can be relaxed before she has to get ready for the ceremony.

Q: What do you feel are the benefits of yoga beyond physical fitness?

A: Yoga’s main benefit is stress relief and an overall sense of wellbeing.

As overwhelming as it may seem, not taking the time to focus on you can impact your wedding day. So, take a step back and breathe. Sure, the florals will be glorious and the ceremony will take our breath away in the best way possible. However, the wedding day is only as magical as the couple in it. Don’t forget to celebrate you. For more pre-wedding day wellness + self care tips, advice or contact information, visit Sullivan Surgery & Spa and Mat Life Yoga.


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