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5 Steps to the Perfect Shoreline-Inspired Fall Centerpiece

October 18, 2017

DIY fall driftwood centerpiece

Who said nautical has to read cool blues and watery tones? We’re channeling the natural textures and warm hues of autumn on the Shore with this floral DIY from Amy of Monteray Farms. All of our favorite DIYs have two qualities: they’re customizable, and they’re easy enough we can actually recreate them (even after the professionals *ahem, Amy* have gone home). Pick a palette, choose your florals, find your perfect piece of driftwood, and start designing your next go-to fall centerpiece.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • clippers
  • driftwood
  • large shells
  • wetfoam
  • floral twine
  • seaglass, rope, netting etc.
  • autumn florals; we used:
    • Plumosa Fern
    • Broom Corn
    • Agonis Foliage
    • Sweet Annie
    • Hypericum Berries
    • Oncidium Orchids
    • Charlie Brown Orchids
    • Antique Hydrangea


DIY fall centerpiece materials

Fill larger shells with damp wetfoam and tie into place with twine.

DIY fall driftwood centerpiece

Start with larger leaves and greenery to create a base.

DIY fall driftwood centerpiece

Add focal flowers to create movement and height to your liking.

DIY fall driftwood centerpiece

Hide empty spaces with filler greenery and flowers until the shape and size is right.

DIY fall driftwood centerpiece

Arrange the shells of florals, driftwood and other nautical accessories on the table. We like the idea of using netting or rope, sea glass, shells, and small antique bottles.

DIY fall driftwood centerpiece

Happy fall, ya’ll! 

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