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5 Essentials to Include in Your Wedding Budget

March 21, 2019

Regardless of size, location, or venue, your wedding day will likely be one of the most expensive days of your life. Every wedding is different, and while yours may not need many extra bells and whistles, there are some important investments that should make it onto every wedding budget checklist. Here are some of the top essentials you’ll need to make the most of your special day.

Delicious Food Options

Let’s face it—when your guests think back to your wedding, they won’t remember your vows, the DJ’s setlist, or what the bridesmaids wore. One thing they will remember is how good or bad the food was! So it’s important to find a caterer that fits your taste, vision, and budget. As much as your wedding day is for you, remember to also accommodate the dietary needs of your guests by including allergy-friendly options in your food budget. A well-made plate can get pricey quickly, especially when you’re responsible for feeding a large crowd, so create a savings plans in the approaching months or apply for a personal loan to help manage expenses.

A Professional Photographer

When it comes to capturing one of most memorable days of your life, you don’t want to leave the photography duties to a novice. Wedding photographers offer equipment and experience that amateurs won’t be able to provide, and you’ll recognize the difference when you receive your finished pictures. If your friends or family are tasked with photo duty, they’ll spend the entire day working and worrying instead of celebrating, and there’s no guarantee that any of their pictures will be keepers. High-quality photographs are a timeless keepsake and one of the best ways to commemorate the bond you share with your best friend.

A Makeup Artist

Complete your stunning look with help from a professional hair & makeup artist. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed makeup pro, there are plenty of reasons why you should hire a makeup artist to help you achieve your best look. Because you won’t be the one wielding the brushes, you won’t have to worry about your nerves getting in the way of a killer contour. Plus, your makeup artist will help you stay on your wedding-prep schedule to ensure you’re on time for walking down the aisle.

Great Music

Whether you recruit a live band or decide on a wedding DJ, hiring an expert who can curate a high-energy playlist will be essential to keeping your guests lively and entertained as the day progresses. Sure, you could let your friend whip up a Spotify playlist instead, but without the help of a professional, you won’t have access to an adequate sound system and speakers, among other essential gear. Professional wedding DJs and bands also know how to work a crowd, which will help your guests overcome their fright of the dance floor quickly. Should anything go awry, you’ll be grateful to have someone who has experience miking live instruments or prepping DJ equipment.

Venue Decorations

It’s the small details that will take the look of your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary. Personalized direction signs, table centerpieces, photo booths, welcome signs, photo walls, and paper flowers are all simple ways to give your wedding a trendy look that both you and your guests will adore. Of course, you’ll be able to make many of these decorative touches on your own, but if you do decide to go DIY, make sure to still allocate some funds for the supplies you’ll need. Even these minor expenses can add up quickly, so check that there’s room in the budget before you fill up your cart at the craft store!

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