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DIY Paper Flowers

August 29, 2016

Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to bring some blooms to your out-of-season wedding, or are just a sucker for anything DIY–you’re in luck. We’ve got an easy-peasy way to create your very own bouquet (as wilt-resistant as it is pretty)! With unlimited colors and dye possibilities, no one will know that these gorgeous flowers were actually coffee filters in a previous life…

What you need:
-Coffee filters
-RIT Dye
-Wooden Skewers
-Floral Pins
-Green Tissue Paper

DYE THE FILTERS: In a medium sized bowl, mix the dye with water and soak the filters until they reach the desired shade. 

DIY Paper FlowersEasy DIY Paper FlowersEasy DIY Paper Flowers

CUT THE PETALS: Fold the coffee filter into quarters and cut the filters into petal shapes shown below.

Easy DIY Paper FlowersEasy DIY Paper FlowersEasy DIY Paper FlowersEasy DIY Paper Flowers

WRAP THE SKEWER: Wrap smallest of the double petals tightly around the end of the skewer (if the skewer has a pointed end, wrap them around that end) and tape the bottom to secure it. Repeat with as many petals as you want, increasing in size as you go.

Easy DIY Paper FlowersEasy DIY Paper Flowers

KEEP WRAPPING THE SKEWER: Add the the largest pieces (with five points), by wrapping tightly around the skewer and tape to secure. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like a flower yet!

Easy DIY Paper Flowers

ADD THE INDIVIDUAL PETALS: Add the individual petals one by one to the flower until it is the perfect size! No rules with these! The more petals, the bigger the flower!

Easy DIY Paper Flowers

FLUFF AND ARRANGE THE PETALS: Once you’ve finished adding petals, fluff them up until you like the way they look. Be gentle, they’re delicate!

Easy DIY Paper FlowersEasy DIY Paper Flowers

WRAP AND ARRANGE THE BOUQUET: Wrap the stems in green tissue paper, arrange the bouquet, and wrap the ribbon tightly around the center of the stems. Secure the ribbon with pins. Once you’ve finished arranging and securing the bouquet fluff up the petals again to fill any gaps.

Easy DIY Paper Flowers


Helpful Tips: 

  • If you’re leaving some (or all) filters white, make sure you still dip them in water to soak for about 15 seconds each. It makes the texture consistent with the dyed flowers in the bouquet and makes the filters much easier to work with.

  • The longer you soak the filters the stronger the color will be. Keep in mind they do dry lighter!

  • To cut the individual petals, I folded the filter in quarters. This way one filter will give you eight individual petals!

  • Don’t worry if your petal cut outs don’t look exactly like those pictured above. Once arranged on the skewer they blend with the rest. Try experimenting with different shapes and sizes for different looks!

  • Low and time & patience? It get’s easier with practice! It might take a few tries to get the hang of it, but by the end each one only took about 15 minutes start to finish.

  • These wilt-resistant florals will stand the test of time, so arrange a few in a shadow box with some ribbon to make a pretty display for your home!

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