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October 23, 2014

Finding the perfect wedding dress is probably the biggest decision you will make when preparing for your wedding day. Every bride not only wants to look and feel gorgeous, but she wants the dress to represent all that is good in her life and the love she feels for her future husband. I’m sure everyone would agree, “first look” photos aren’t about the tux!

Brides start researching wedding dresses as soon as the ring is slipped on her finger (maybe even before!). Though the search may not have to go further than your mother’s (or close relative’s) closet. With green weddings on the rise, many brides have chosen to revisit that old family tradition of wearing their mother’s wedding dress. And why not? Dresses from a bygone era are the very definition of vintage chic. Dressmakers and designers can create a “new ” custom look with simple additions of lace or tulle. And let’s not forget that magical feeling that goes with slipping on a dress with such a loving and special past.

Take a look:


Lisa Malkus of Cambridge, Maryland wore her God-mother’s, Bonnie Spedden’s, wedding dress.  Lisa was married in 1986, Bonnie wed in 1969.


The little girl in these pictures is Lisa!  Lisa was Bonnie’s flower girl!


My mom, Jane Jackman, was married in 1958.  Her wedding dress was actually a beautiful silk debutante dress.  I wore the same dress, with little or no alterations at my wedding in 1989. My sister Mary Jane wore the dress in 1981!


Some brides are lucky enough to unearth a designer gown, from famous bridal collections of the past! Oscar de la Renta designed classic beautiful clothing and wedding gowns for over 50 years, with clients that included Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Amal Clooney, Kate Bosworth and many more.

Looking back , whether it is to your mother’s gown or a vintage designer gown found on Ebay, may be the perfect place to start making your wedding dreams a reality.

Photo Credit: Oscar de la Renta Bridal

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