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Mix and Match Bridesmaids and Choosing Your Own Style

July 19, 2023

The bridal party attire: the color palette of your ceremony, and an opportunity to show off your favorite people during your big day. So how do you know what style is going to fit and flatter all of your gorgeous girls? The good news is, you don’t have to know!

Photo courtesy of Simply Picturesque Photography

Mixing and matching your bridesmaids’ dresses might just be the solution to so many unnecessary stressors. As the bride, you can still pick the color and aesthetic for your day, but allowing your girls to select their own styles gives them the freedom to pick something that they will comfortable and confident in, and takes the pressure off of you to choose a style that everyone will be happy with. It’s a win-win!

“Giving my bridesmaids the choice of dress styles and colors from my vision board took so much stress away
from my own planning, and it gave us such a fun shopping day too! All of my girls looked so very beautiful, and they
got to pick styles that matched their unique personalities to have their own special details on the day of the wedding.”

Take a look below to see some of our favorite mix and match sets on these gorgeous groups of bridesmaids as they play with varying styles, colors, and even fabrics!

Shining in blues, these bridesmaids have various shades and styles of dress to compliment the brides lace gown.As whimsical as a fairy princess, this bride is surrounded by her bridesmaids in dresses varying in different styles of white lace.

Sparkling in silver, these bridesmaids have a different style dress to fit their shining personalities as they help the bride get ready for her big day.This bridal party has an array of soft blue and grey bridal colors to perfectly fit each bridesperson in the party.A classic black and white color scheme for this wedding, with bridesmaids dresses varying in style to compliment each maid.A variety of blue bridesmaids dresses with different styles and colors highlight these bridesmaids beautifully.

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