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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 12, 2015

Sometimes Valentine’s Day can get a bad rap, which in our opinion is just a shame. How can you feel anything but love for a holiday filled with SWEETS!? Add some fresh flowers and a glass of wine and you’ve got all the bases covered!

Though we never need an excuse for a little indulging, Valentine’s Day gave us a great one, so we popped over to Gluten Free Bakery Girl’s little shop in Easton Market Square to see what she was cooking up for the holiday. Butter Galettes, Macaroons, Raspberry Tarts, oh my! How’s a girl to choose?


Tricia King is both the brain and brawn of the GFBG kitchen, and is constantly coming up with new (and delicious!) recipes. A professional bakery chef, Tricia suddenly found herself gluten intolerant and consequently discovered an entirely new passion for gluten-free cooking! She offers everything from brownies and breads to cookies and cakes. Call ahead for larger orders, or stop in to see what she’s featuring behind the counter. Gluten free wedding cakes? She’s got you covered! 

One of my favorites (below) is her French macaroons with raspberry filling. A mix of ground almonds and Swiss meringue baked to perfection and filled with the sweet gooey jam…be still our hearts!

EasternShoreWedding_0895EasternShoreWedding_0898 EasternShoreWedding_0896EasternShoreWedding_0901

Stop in and see the Gluten Free Bakery Girl on Wednesday–Friday from 10am–6pm each week, or call her at 801-792-3700 to place an order! Bon appétit!

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