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Go Luxe with Lighting

January 13, 2015

Adding professional lighting to your event is the perfect way to showcase the architecture and make the space really work for you. This stunning barn wedding, brought to us by Mark from On Your Mark Lighting, is such a great example of the visual impact that lighting can provide. Mark was hired to light this incredible rustic barn at a family farm for two back-to-back wedding weekends. With some extra flexibility and a wide range of artistic license, Mark worked with both of the families to transform this space into a real-life fairy tale for not one, but two brides. Check out what he pulled together for Ashley and Sean: 

From Mark Peach of On Your Mark Lighting:
The canvas for this wedding was a lovely barn with a chocolate-colored exterior, high ceiling, cement floor and two huge doors. The focus of my design was to maintain the natural look of the barn by softening it with fabric, and incorporate lighting that would be pleasing to the eye and practical.


I started with 22’ tall latte colored lightweight velour on the doors to create the initial visual impact. As guests entered, they experienced swags of organza and lovely patterns of light projected on to the floor and tables. The use of fabric and icicle lights down the sides of the space provided practical lighting as well as a visual moiré effect. The glass chandelier divided the room in half and added depth to the space.
EasternShoreWedding_0798 EasternShoreWedding_0800 EasternShoreWedding_0799

The final result was a layering of looks. From the exterior of the barn, to the tie-back drapes and swaged ceiling, to the sparkling chandelier, the transformation was a success.

Photography by Enoch Chan Photography

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