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Chatting with Cink Art

February 15, 2024

From calligraphy to custom art, Cink Art does it all. Your invitation suite sets the theme for your wedding celebration, and is the first taste of excitement for your friends and family as the date approaches. Designing the perfect invitation suite looks different for every couple, and Cink Art has the tips and tricks to make each and every invitation suite unique to the bride and groom.

Cink Art Invitation & Calligraphy    

– Tell us a little bit about Cink Art. –

We enable our customer’s wedding style shine and brand their wedding event with custom designed wedding stationery and accessories. We create custom invitations to suit wedding event colors, theme or personal style and feature hand renderings, personal monogram designs, beautiful paper choices and creative packaging.

Are there any trends that you are expecting to see in the 2024 wedding season? –

More use of custom watercolor and drawn artwork of wedding venues, scenes, monograms and other personal touches to stationery ensembles. Also less use of mailed response cards as couples urge guests to visit their wedding website to RSVP and review more detailed wedding information.

– What would you say are the top 3 things couples should consider when looking for a designer? –

Experience, availability of consistent customer service and good reviews!

– What do you think is the best thing about the array of options that you can potentially offer a couple? –

We excel in executing just the right look and feel of the customer’s vision or help them form one for their stationery, while tailoring their paper products to their individual budgets. We have ideas and a variety of materials for them as options but also work well with a client that comes with a direction of their own to make it come true.

– Can you tell us about a time when you problem solved for a wedding client? –

Most frequently, the biggest problem is getting the invitations our to guests in a timely manor when our clients are all very busy and are planning an entire wedding on top of their usual schedule. We assist with a timeline for their stationery outlining deadlines, keeping everyone on schedule, being available to answer frequent questions and providing stuffing and mailing services if the client wants us to handle all aspects of the invitation process.

– Why should a couple choose to work with an independent invitation designer compared to a digital design platform like
Zola, Minted, etc.? –

From start to finish wedding stationery sets the tone for the event, communicating a particular style, theme, formality and color message to guests. Digital platforms offer a set variety of templates for couples to use for invitations with their information applied to the template whereas custom invitations afford more flexibility and control over the entire design and execution of the paper products, not to mention the individual customer service that comes with custom.

– What is the most important thing you would like couples to know about Cink Art? –

We absolutely love working with couples help create and carry out their vision of their event and go the extra mile to make sure that happens!      


Check out some of our favorite Cink Art designs!

Cink Art Invitation & CalligraphyCink Art Invitation & CalligraphyCink Art Invitation & Calligraphy

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