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DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kit!

May 29, 2014

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

The big day is almost here! The planning is nearly over, and you have everything done…right? Well, almost. Weddings are made up of expected events (the beautiful dresses, the walk down the aisle, the ceremony, the kiss, the dancing, the party!) and the unexpected (the under-the-weather bridesmaid, the snagged hem, the last-minute hair touch-up). While we hope it doesn’t happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry! That’s where our Wedding Day Emergency Kit comes in handy! We decided to break out our kit and share the contents! Do you think we have it covered? The contents: 1. pen/sharpie 2. super glue 3. sewing kit 4. wash pen 5. tissues 6. antacid/pain reliever 7. tampon 8. straw (to sip champagne smudge-free!) 9. comb 10. bobby pins, hair ties 11. shoe pads 12. breath mints 13. emory board 14. lipstick 15. concealer One thing we are missing… chocolate! We have to admit, we have a hard time keeping any in the office!

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

We think a good sewing kit includes: Scissors, thread, buttons, sewing needles, measuring tape, safety pins, needle threader and hat pins. And of course touch up make-up for that unexpected blemish! We would suggest stashing the bag within reach at the wedding and reception (maybe a job for the maid of honor?). That way, you know you are covered, and you can keep that happy glow no matter what happens!

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