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The Photo Booth Experience

June 26, 2014

We here at MESW love to follow trends. Specifically, as you may have guessed, wedding trends. I am sure everyone has oohed and aahed over mason jars, banners, signature drinks, paper straws, candy bars, late night wedding snacks, open seating, the welcome party, wedding theme colors… and the list goes on! One of our favorite trends is the Photo Booth. We love the fun they add to the reception, both as an icebreaker for unfamiliar faces and as a really fun way to get pictures of the guests.

Photo booths come in all shapes and sizes. From 5’ x 5’ black boxes that people enter, sit down, and the camera snaps automatically – to open air booths, where people stand or sit in front of a camera and snap their own picture. Most provide pictures on the spot (you know the familiar strip of 3-4 pictures you used to get on the boardwalk ) while others give you the option of having all of the pictures pasted into an album sent to the couple after the wedding. One of the most fun aspects of the photo booth are the props. The best booth companies offer a wide variety, from crazy glasses to small chalk boards with handwritten messages, to hats, wands, boas (the list is endless!) in all shapes and sizes!

One of our favorite photo booths is Photomatic Photo Booth based right here in Easton. Photomatic not only offers an amazing client experience but the booth itself is utterly charming. The outside of the booth is custom, hand-painted canvas made to look like a photo booth from the 1920’s complete with a little flag (also handmade) on the top. The camera equipment is hidden in custom-made boxes painted to look like vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases. Melissa Grimes-Guy and Tom Miller are partners/owners of the booth and both are professional photographers. All of the equipment is state of the art, designed not only for fun but for crisp, excellent quality photos that will last a life-time!


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