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Thankful Registry – A New Idea

September 18, 2014


One of our favorite things to do here at MESW.com is to search the web for new wedding ideas, or find a new spin on a traditional idea. We think we found something really cool. Thankful Registry.com is a modern take on the age-old wedding registry. The bridal registry (as it was originally called) was primarily used for the guests to buy china and silverware in the couple’s chosen wedding pattern. Now registries include everything, even the kitchen sink! This website is different, there is absolutely “no big-box retailer noise. No pushy language. Just an easy and thoughtful experience that lets great gifts happen.”


ThankfulRegistry.com is the modern couple’s perfect registry. It lists what the couple would like as gifts but it also places an emphasis on gratitude and quite frankly being Thankful. Kathy Cheng Founder of Thankful says: “During that process (of creating the registry), I realized that every small decision I made was inspired by just one big idea: gratitude. Since gifts are about celebrating the important milestones in life, I really can’t imagine anything more important than being thankful.

We so loved the idea and the aesthetic of her website, that we wanted to ask her a few more questions. She was kind enough to talk with us:

Q. Have you noticed any trends in gift giving (anything surprise you?)?
A. I see so many trends because the couples who choose to register with Thankful aren’t the traditional registry type. Some unusual things that are pretty common on Thankful include restaurant gift cards for date nights, museum memberships or concert tickets, even lifestyle and travel magazine subscriptions. Just things that couples wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Charities are also becoming more mainstream. What I love about Thankful it’s now common to find couples adding traditional homewares, experiences, cash gifts and charity donations all on the same registry page.


Q. How did you choose your “our picks” and your charities? (As for your collections… I am a Food52 fiend!)
A. The selections for Our Picks started as things I thought would help inspire couples and get them to think outside of the box. Then I kept seeing amazingly creative and unique things on real couples’ registries and added them to the collection to. The charities I included are not big mainstream charities, but smaller ones that focus on specific causes. The point of that is to inspire couples to pick their own charities that are close to their hearts.

Q. Can the couples add local boutiques (and charities, say a humane society) to their registry?
A. Yes, absolutely. The whole point of Thankful is to be a totally open platform. A lot of couples choose to support small and local businesses instead of adding the same items from big-box retailers. Etsy is also a popular choice for handmade gifts.


Q. What is the average time a registry stays up? Does the “1 year to buy a gift” still hold true in your experience?
A. I don’t think any hard and fast rules apply. Some people have their registry up early for engagement celebrations. Others leave it til a few months before the big day. It really depends on the couple’s timeline, and perhaps when the wedding website goes live and the invitations go out. Also, I think most couples today are writing their thank you notes right after the celebration, so sending a gift 6 months after the wedding would be a bit strange!

We were excited to learn that couples can add local boutiques and charities to their registries! We have beautiful, unique stores/boutiques right here on the shore. We agree with Kathy, couples DO want to support local businesses.

Chef and Shower – Easton, MD, offers amazing and unique gifts for the kitchen and bath in all price ranges.


Dwelling and Design – Easton, MD, free your inner interior designer and find that great piece for your new life (and home) together!


Salisbury Gift and Garden, Trappe, MD, is a family owned business of metal artisans that create new and exciting silver and pewter pieces sure to become tomorrow’s treasured heirlooms.


To register on ThankfulRegistry.com just go to the website. You have a 7 day free trial, then the cost is just $30 for a year. We would so like you to try it that we are giving away a free registration! Here’s how you can win!


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