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Sweethearts and Sunsets on The Shore

October 26, 2022

Danielle and Tyler’s Eastern Shore engagement session was full of sublime sunset moments and romance galore. These college sweethearts wandered the waterfront with Laura’s Focus Photography and she truly captured some mystical magic on the beach. From Danielle’s ring to the gleaming sun rays that shine over the couple, this enchanting engagement has golden details and glamour galore. Everywhere you look you can feel the adoration that these two have for each other, and this gorgeous gallery is filled with their undeniable love.
Laura's Focus Photography captured a romantic walk through Claiborne to celebrate this couple's engagement.The couple walks in the sunset holding hands. | Laura's Focus PhotographyThe couple laughs and dances together in joy of their new engagement.On their walk to the water the couple dances with joy of their new engagementThese college sweethearts enjoy the beautiful sunset views over the water at Claiborne Beach.Holding hands, this new fiance shows off her oval shaped engagement ring | Laura's Focus PhotographyA romantic walk on the beach in St. Michaels before sunetA dreamy dance on the beach before sunset. | My Eastern Shore Wedding | Cassidy MR. PhotographyA dreamy dance on the beach before sunset. | My Eastern Shore Wedding | Cassidy MR. PhotographyDancing in the surf, the newly engaged couple share a celebratory kissThe couple shares an engagement kiss on the beach during sunset.Standing on the jetty, Danielle and Tyler share a kiss during the sunsetThe couple embraces in a romantic hug on the beach during their sunset engagement with Laura's Focus PhotographyThe newly betrothed couple sits on a blanket in the sand enjoying the waterfrontNew fiancees dance on the beach in celebration of their engagementDanielle and Tyler share a kiss on the beach in St. MichaelsSunset engagement on the beachSoon to be husband and wife enjoy a gorgeous sunset over the waterfront in St. Michaels
Photography | Laura’s Focus Photography

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