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Enter Stage Left, “The Sweet Life of Steve” Steals the Show…and our Hearts!

November 25, 2020

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re talking to My Eastern Shore Wedding’s king of cake, Chef Steve Anthony about his newest project–a YouTube channel – “The Sweet Life of Steve“. With a new episode every Thursday, the channel is chock-full of fun (and funny) kitchen convo detailing the who’s who and how-tos of making, baking and indulging! In true Steve fashion, each episode charms as he delivers killer recipes –from sweet to savory–and showcases his cooking (and singing) talents. We also can’t get enough of the short ‘how-to’ videos that teach the basics – from how to zest a lemon to whether or not you should sift your flour. We were lucky enough to steal him away from his throne for a quick chat to talk about the YouTube channel as well as find out more about his background (from Broadway to the Food Network) and lots in between. 

– A lot of people know you from Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship (and other Food Network shows)–tell us a little about how you got connected to the network and your baking background? –

I attended the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan and graduated top of my class. I was a Broadway performer and wanted a career change. In 2015, I saw a posting on social media for a “Holiday-Themed TV Show” looking for pastry chefs so I applied. After many interviews I was cast on Season 2 of Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network, where I placed runner-up. The network brought me back for 2 special episodes also under the Holiday Baking brand and in 2018 the network invited me to participate in a new show, “Haunted Gingerbread Showdown”, which I won.

– Can you tell us where the idea for the YouTube channel came from? (side note: we love how you include local (adult) beverages at the beginning of the show.) How did that come about and do you have a particular favorite that you can share with us?-

The idea for “The Sweet Life of Steve” came from many comments from various people saying I should have my own show. We teamed up with our friends George and Lauren who own Schoolhouse Farmhouse to create the show. I wanted something where I could be my authentic self and not worry about having to deal with network bureaucracy, but something I had creative control over.

I also wanted to share some of my favorite recipes as well as an array of cooking techniques–that baking is so much more than putting cookies in the oven.  The drink portion is a fun one. We start each episode with a drink, featuring a local alcohol. It’s important to me to encourage people to explore their local options, no matter where they are. I have always hated cooking shows that throw a cocktail in at the last second, almost like they are filling time. When you get home from a long day, maybe you have a drink and then start dinner…I know I do… so that’s how I wanted to start each show. Plus, it’s fun!!!

-Did you and Rob have a big wedding? What did the cake look like? Any advice for Eastern Shore brides and grooms?-

Rob and I had about 120 guests at our wedding.  All of our guests still talk about how great of a party it was.  My teacher made our cake, 3 square tiers with sugar flowers (which I still have) and blue and green stripes (our colors). My biggest advice for any couple getting married is to plan the party that you want. Don’t get so caught up in trying to please everyone… Uncle Joe is vegan, Great Aunt Sally can’t sit by your sister, not everyone likes chocolate…at the end of the day these people are there to celebrate you and they should be happy they got an invitation and that you are feeding them in the first place!  Share your personal stories with your guests…and I can’t stress this enough, plan a party that YOU would want to attend.


-What’s your personal favorite item at your bakery, Turnbridge Talbot? (our is the Kouign Amann–most delicious and unique pastry ever!!)-

My favorite item at the bakery is the Kouign-Amann as well…I think I’ve made almost 500,000 at this point and I still never tire of them. They are magical and unlike anything else…that’s what I love so much about them.


-What is the bakery offering for Thanksgiving? What will Thanksgiving look like for you and your family this (strange) year and what will be on your Thanksgiving table?-

We will have an array of smaller tarts as well as pies and breads leading up to Thanksgiving.  Honestly with the uncertainty of COVID, we will just be happy to be open and baking delicious things. This year will be the first Thanksgiving that Rob and I spend by ourselves, just us and the dogs.  We are going to throw some turkey burgers on the grill, drink some Prosecco (we fancy) and enjoy a day off. Maybe not a traditional Thanksgiving, but perhaps a tradition worth starting.


Tune in to “The Sweet Life of Steve” on youtube–new episodes drop on Thursdays.


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