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Spotlight on Winter Weddings

December 10, 2012
Eastern Shore
Winter Wedding Details

­Winter’s shorter days make us think of cozy, warm evenings in front of crackling fires, surrounded by family and friends. We enjoy the holiday season, probably eating a bit more than we intended, but after all the decorating, aren’t we due a little indulgence??!!

Speaking of indulging, we think Eastern Shore winter weddings are a perfect opportunity to treat your guests to a homey winter wonderland of wedding decoration. Besides pine cones, lush greenery and other rustic elements, winter themed weddings allow brides to be a little more lavish in their tablescapes as well as in any favors they may choose for their guests. We love the idea of brightly colored Christmas ornaments for just this purpose. Howe House Limited Editions (howehouse.com) gives couples the opportunity to choose from a wide range of high quality Christmas balls ready for complete personalization. Made in glass or acrylic, these holiday inspired favors serve as a lovely take-home for all. A wide range of ornament colors and an even larger selection of imprint colors, make it a snap to compliment your wedding style. Averaging about $2.00 a piece for most ornaments, these cheery balls are a classic and affordable gift to your guests and a seasonal reminder of your special day.

Go one step further and visit www.namemaker.com to find elegant boxes as well as personalized ribbon that can be printed to match your custom Howehouse Christmas ornaments. Ribbons make beautiful hangers for the balls and add one more opportunity for customization. If you are feeling a bit more “crafty” and enjoy DIY, try using favor boxes made from recycled cardboard to keep your ornaments cozy and safe. We found these at http://www.etsy.com/listing/83014375/gift-boxes-kraft-favor-box-paper-cupcake . A custom stamp from rubber-stamp.com with your names and logo or initials or a sweet swirl can decorate the front of your boxes and complete a very cute wedding favor/keepsake.


Eastern Shore Winter Wedding Favors


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