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Silver Swan Soiree

February 19, 2015

EasternShoreWedding_0888What better way to warm up this chilly week than to share with you Casey & Jordan’s Silver Swan Bayside wedding! From the beautiful blooms to the beachside sunset, this spectacular event has us longing for spring. Casey and Jordan’s sweet story is guaranteed to warm your heart, so pull up a chair and take a few moments to escape the winter blues… 

“Ours is not a traditional love story in terms of meet, fall in love, get married, and have children. All of those components are there but just in a little different order.

Jordan and I met Halloween 2011. I was dressed as a cowgirl sitting outside of Ryleighs Oyster Bar waiting for a ride and was greeted by a charming guy dressed up as a penguin. He kept me company until my mom arrived and then introduced himself to her, asking permission to “facebook her daughter.” We said our goodbyes and I never thought I would hear from him again. When my friends asked if he was cute my only answer was “I have no idea, he was dressed as a giant penguin.” Turns out he was very cute!

To my surprise, the next day I had a friend request and message from Jordan. (I later learned that he had also friend-requested and messaged about five other Casey Davis’, too!). Our real friendship began soon after with many long nights of phone conversations getting to know each other. It was during these conversations that I learned that Jordan was a naval officer, had been married, and had recently lost his wife Lauren, to cystic fibrosis, and that they had a 14-month-old daughter.

We had our first official date on January 21, 2012—goose hunting… and let me just say it was an activity no one I knew would have ever expected me to do. Our second date was on January 28th where we did the Polar Bear Plunge. It was at this time that I got to meet his beautiful daughter, Kaelyn and where I believe our true love story really began.

The first year of our relationship was sometimes hard to navigate—not because of what we felt for each other, but because of the many different lives that would be affected by our relationship. We were essentially combining three different families and groups of friends—mine, Jordan’s and Lauren’s.  There were definitely ups and downs as we all got to know each other but I can say with conviction that we are definitely now all one big happy family.


Jordan proposed on Christmas Eve 2012.  His intentions were to actually do it on Christmas morning and he had purchased a shirt for Kaelyn to wear that said “All I want for Christmas is for Casey to be my mommy.”  However, Jordan being Jordan, couldn’t wait. As part of our Christmas Eve celebration with the family,  we have a traditional game that we often play at mealtime called “good thing, bad thing”.  Each person has to go around the table and say something good and something bad that happened to them that day (or you can say two good things!). When it was Jordan’s turn, he got down on one knee and said, “Bad thing, I’ve had to wait this long. Good thing, Will you marry me?”.

And so the wedding preparations began.  We chose May 17, 2014, as that was also my parents’ anniversary.  We knew we wanted to be on the water so we spent one day visiting three different venues. The moment we walked into Silver Swan Bayside we knew that was the perfect place for our wedding. The setting, the ambience, the staff, the menu…everything was just what we wanted and so the date was set.

Then mother nature threw in a little glitch.  I found out I was pregnant and due 3 months before our wedding.  As I mentioned earlier, not so traditional! Our beautiful baby girl Alexia was born on February 16, 2014 and wedding plans continued.           

We shared our dream wedding with the people we love most and the day was absolutely perfect! I can’t begin to say enough about how wonderful the staff at Silver Swan was!  They didn’t miss one detail and because of this, we were able to enjoy every second of our special day.  The setting speaks for itself but when you add a professional staff and incredible food, there is nothing more we could have hoped for.

Our beautiful daughters served as flower girls, Kaelyn pushed Lexi down the aisle in an antique pram with a sign that said “Here Comes Mommy.”  Of the 150 guests, 40 of them were Lauren’s family, including her parents, siblings, grandparents, and cousins; a true testament that we had successfully melded 3 families together.  My mom has always said that Lauren is a special angel who was looking down from above for someone to love and take care of Jordan and Kaelyn and somehow she was responsible for that penguin deciding to talk to the little cowgirl sitting on the curb.

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And for the happily ever after?

“As a final footnote, we’re expecting baby #3 in July!”

Congratulations Casey and Jordan!!



Venue – Silver Swan Bayside
Officiant – Kathy Shahinian
Photographer – Rachel Smith Photography
Cake – Peace of Cake
Florist – Murdoch Florists
Ceremony Music – Strings
Band/ DJ – Owen Poteat


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