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– Tell Us a Little About Your Background –

My husband and I were both 23 when we opened PeachBlossoms Restaurant in downtown Easton, MD is 1985. He has been the head chef at a restaurant called Capers in Annapolis and I had been the head pasty chef. A good friend promised us that if we opened our own restaurant in Easton, we’d meet interesting and interested diners and we did! At that time, we were one of the only restaurants downtown. 

Our menu changed weekly and we prepared everything in-house, including market fresh cuisine, all our own breads, pastas, and desserts. We were one of the first restaurants to observe the “farm-to-table” mantra and we still believe the best cuisine is locally-sourced and traditionally prepared.

We had some very loyal local customers who were well-traveled and loved to eat and talk about food and wine. We were fortunate to be very busy. We fondly recall Patrick O’Connell, chef-owner of (then infant) The Inn at Little Washington spending  a day with us after he enjoyed our Sunday brunch.

We loved the restaurant atmosphere and energy but after almost 20 years, we transitioned to solely catering in order to have more time with our three boys. Catering offers a great opportunity to explore and develop menus. and, as we mainly cater to brides and grooms, every weekend id different, beautiful and inspiring. We will never tire of watching families come together to celebrate happiness.

– What’s The Best Thing About Your Company? – 

We love food. We’re fascinated by food. We study other cultures to provide the most traditional, authentic food possible with fresh, local, ingredients. That has been the main motivation for our business all these years.

However, we enjoy putting together an event, also- large of small, formal or informal- and having people not only experience a smoothly run eventing, but the fun and challenge of assembling it ourselves outside of our brick-and-mortar kitchen.the best thing about our service is that we can put together an elegant event ANYWHERE.! We look forward to the logistical complexities and it makes each service unique. It is a lot of hard work, but at the end of the night, when the customer is thrilled, it makes all the effort worthwhile.

– Please describe the array of service options you offer, and, because of the unusual year we’re living through, this one extra question: How has Covid-19 affected your business? Have you had to innovate in order to keep going? –

It’s been a challenge adjusting to the new normal in 2020. It has been difficult for many people. Most of our weddings in 2020 were postponed, but, more than the business, we truly miss the people, the smiles, and the anticipation of their big weekends.

The heartening and inspiring take-away from 2020 has been this: The few weddings that we were involved with, either helping with food or sharing in as family, were no less amazing for their smaller footprints. The shining eyes, the proud, earnest, loving support from family and friends for two people who stand before God and their loved ones to publicly commit their lives and love to one another is just as powerful and moving and important without 200 guests.

But, still we miss feeding people.

So, we decided to start baking pies.

By April 15 of 2020, when our calendar began to open up, it was hard to sit still. We needed to feed people. We needed to create things and watch people enjoy them. At the end of May, we started Blackbird Baking Company to stay busy and to keep our ovens hot! We are inventing savory dinner pies and re-inventing old classics!

We feature a weekly, changing menu of dinner pies and dessert pies that gets emailed every Monday. Join our mailing list HERE.

Next year there will be weddings. This year there are delicious, warm pies!!

–  Can You Share Some of Your Reviews? – 

“Laurie- you and your staff at PeachBlossoms made every part of the planning process fun and relaxing for me and my mother. Our family’s first wedding had become almost too much for us to deal with until we contacted you. With your help – the planning was fun and productive and the reception was the reception of my dreams! We loved everyone on your staff – helpful and happy! We expected the beautiful and delicious food – we were blown away by the ease and comfort that you it conveyed to us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”  ~ Allison and Sean

“ We are letting everyone know that YOU are the reason that our wedding reception was so perfectly wonderful! Thank you for being there for us! We will always hold you in our hearts!”  ~Sarah and Benjamin
“Such pies! We are in heaven!” ~ Eleanor



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