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Your Romance should not be forgotten… It is my joy to ensure you have beautiful images that make you feel loved and lovely. I believe that you deserve nothing less than a photographer who is invested not only in your Wedding day, but also in helping you tell an amazing love story that endures. Drop me an email… I can’t wait to hear your story!


“We LOVED having Manda as our photographer. Her calm, encouraging, and sweet disposition helped us feel at ease in front of the camera. Moreover, she is incredibly talented and catches the most beautiful moments. She is incredibly creative and it shows through her work. We highly (highly) recommend Manda!!”


“Manda was absolutely amazing from start to finish. As a photographer myself, I was very nervous about picking a photographer that would live up to my expectations. In reality, her absolutely gorgeous photography exceeded anything I could have imagined. She truly captured the magic that we felt that day. We received countless compliments on our photography, as well as how courteous Manda was on the wedding day. She managed to stay behind the scenes when necessary, but was an amazing director when photographing my husband and I during our couple’s shoot. We aren’t very comfortable in front of the camera but she immediately quelled any anxiety we had, and we had an absolute blast. I actually cancelled a photographer I had already booked and ate a $250 cancellation fee in order to switch to Manda, and I have zero regrets doing so. She was always so responsive and lovely to talk with, and she was definitely a huge part of the overall success of our wedding. Thank you Manda!!”


“Oh. My. Goodness. My pictures are breathtaking!!! Seriously I cry when I look at them! Manda, did such an amazing job, I am so blown away!”


“I think that every young woman desires the photographer of her wedding to be more like a friend than an onlooker. I know as a bride on my wedding day I valued my family and friends as the supporters and fans that they were. I valued their input, cheer leading, helping hands, encouragement, guidance and celebration. I valued their smiles and warm blessings, enthusiasm and best wishes. ..Amanda Weaver was no exception to the above! She blended right into the beautiful collage of emotions and moments, and seamlessly collected them all. It remains self-evident that Amanda values her art…but she values her relationship with her clients more. What this dynamic in turn creates are beautiful albums of precious, unforgettable moments that brides like you and I can hold in our hands for many years to come! I didn’t just have a photographer capture one of the most beautiful, monumental events in both my husband’s and I’s lives thus far; I had a friend stand alongside of us, embracing the elegance and joy of those “forever” moments with us. I couldn’t have asked for a better “photog-friend”! Having spoken the above, I would recommend Manda Weaver Photography to any of my engaged friends — without a doubt!”


“Words cannot describe our gratitude toward Amanda for capturing the magical moments of our day. We still cannot choose our favorite photo. Her work is elegant, romantic, and classic. She completely understood the vision of the day and made it come alive. She was extremely patient, understanding, welcomed ideas, and had wonderful communication. She even came to my dress fitting just to see how I was feeling and to tell me how beautiful I looked. The day of the wedding she arrived early with her amazing assistant who was just as sweet and creative as she was. Amanda brought beautiful props to make the photos special, helped the bridesmaids fix their hair and dresses, and calmed me down when I was feeling anxious. She gave wonderful direction all day and even gave me a special photo in a frame the night of the wedding as a preview of what was to come. When the pictures came they were beautifully wrapped and inside was a key where the pictures were stored on a USB. It is these small details that make a bride’s heart smile. I feel like I gained a friend that day and highly reccomend her work to anyone. We will definitely use her for any and all future photo sessions.”


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