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Marie Kondo Your Wedding Planning for a Stress-Free Wedding Day!!

October 18, 2019

Spark Joy by Marie Kondo-ing Your Wedding Panning



You’ve been dreaming about your perfect wedding day for as long as you can remember- dreaming of the day itself but not all the planning required to get there. It’s easy to get lost in your wedding planning but you CAN create your ideal wedding while remaining stress-free. Just take a tip from our girl Marie K and go about it with an organized approach!

 An Organized List

 Sit down at the beginning of your wedding planning process and make a list. You can use a pre-made list or an app if you find it more beneficial, but be sure to make it specific to what you want! It may seem overwhelming as the list keeps getting longer but it will help organize everything that needs to be done. When you create this list, you should think about every aspect of your perfect wedding day. Once you have your primo list and you’re able to visualize the entirety of what needs to be done, it will be even more satisfying to start checking things off.

 A Clear Schedule

 A planner will change your life throughout this process. Finding the perfect planner can help organize all of the meetings, shopping and planning you’re going to be doing. Try to arrange a lot of free time so you’re able to schedule meetings with the people who’re going to help make your day happen. Also, reserve some downtime to just relax and enjoy being engaged!

An Open Mind

 Everyone’s guilty of building up situations in their heads and being slightly disappointed when the event finally happens because their expectations were too high. Keeping an open mind will allow you to accept when things don’t go exactly according to plan and open your eyes to new opportunities. So, try not to get too attached to the idea of the wedding you’ve been imagining for years. Being closed off to new possibilities will only add to your stress.

A Good Partner(s)

 It’s time to call on the ladies and gents who generously agreed to stand with you on your big day! Have them help you with different tasks along the way. A wedding is not an easy thing to plan because there are so many things to do and see before you sign any deposits. Have your friends and family accompany you on those outings for some moral support!

 A Big Thank You

Finally, say thank you to your wedding party for helping you with your big day. Giving them a small gift will show how grateful you are for their dedication and friendship. There are multiple possibilities when it comes to gifting your wedding party. You could gift a watch, new sunglasses or a tumbler, which can all be used again and again. Whatever you choose will always bring back fond memories of your wedding day.


While planning, it’s important to maintain perspective and never to lose sight of your original goals. Just like when you clean out your closet, it’s easy to stray while looking at all of the overwhelming components that go into a wedding. So send that shirt you never wear [but think you will SOMEDAY] to its next incarnation! We want to help you stay organized and focused so you can have your dream wedding after all!

And don’t forget to spark some joy along the way!!

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