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Lindsay & Kevin’s Waterfront Wedding + the Dreamiest Floral Curtain Backdrop

November 14, 2016

Sometimes I come to a wedding gallery, and can just feel all the love and happiness and joy that was that day. Lindsay and Kevin’s wedding is one of those. It’s genuine and personal, and you can tell that every little detail captures their personalities so perfectly. And thanks to L.A. Birdie Photography, they get to relive it over and over through these stunning photos. Oh, and that floral curtain backdrop? OMGorgeous.


From Katie of White Oak Weddings & Events: Lindsay and Kevin were married at the charming, historic Combsberry Inn on the waterfront in Oxford, Maryland. These two met in middle school, got serious a little later, and tied the knot in September. Their personalities were both captured perfectly from the laid back BBQ style menu, yard games, to the fun & funky personalized stationary. The rich burgundy florals paired perfectly with the charcoal linens, and talk about a dreamy ceremony!? The floral curtain backdrop on the waterfront was so romantic!

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