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A Sweet Surprise at Inn at Perry Cabin

March 7, 2013

The Inn at Perry Cabin, in lovely St. Micheal’s, MD is known for many things- beautiful waterfront rooms and views, exquisite food and a top-of-the-line spa, all set amid an array of verdant gardens on Maryland’s gorgeous Eastern Shore. Now the Inn has something else unique to create a great buzz besides all its stellar amenities- signature brand honey harvested from its own hives!

To say this is a sweet story is actually the truth! Perry Cabin’s three hives came into being after a lost swarm of bees was discovered in the parking lot – a stroke of luck for the bees since there was someone there on-site who knew how special this discovery was! Anna Wysocki, a massage therapist at the Inn’s Linden Spa, loves bees and took steps to guarantee the endangered insects wouldn’t be evicted. With support from the Inn’s gardener and management, she put her beekeeping knowledge to work, collecting the pollen-engorged swarm into a bucket and relocating them to their new home- 3 multicolored stacks of boxes conveniently located beside what she knew would make an irresistible food source for the bees- the beautiful linden trees that line the entrance to the Inn- and the spa’s namesake.

Now the bees had a home and a full time job- making honey for soaps, lip balms, special spa treatments as well as for 400 or so jars of their honey that bear the Inn’s brand and are available for for purchase.

Did we happen to mention that it tastes PHENOMENAL!? Since we were on a field trip to the Inn to see and sample this special sweet treat, we HAD to give it our taste test and it completely lived up to all our expectations! Perry Cabin Linden Honey is beyond good!

Some (honey) history – the golden substance has a huge range of uses and is great for you! Raw honey, which this is, contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants and other important nutrients. It has powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It promotes overall body and digestive health, strengthens the immune system, eliminates allergies, and is an excellent remedy for skin wounds and all type of infections. {The spa uses it as a body treatment – the Linden Ritual– which features the honey mixed with salt and linden flowers and applied as a scrub that detoxifies the body.} Raw honey purchased from a local source is an excellent method of treating seasonal allergies. Local honey is preferred for treating allergies because the likelihood is great that it will contain small amounts of the specific pollens to which an individual may be allergic.

At The Inn at Perry Cabin, the honey and beeswax are combined and used to make Linden Spa’s line of organic hand-cut soaps and lip balms- appropriately named “Nature’s Apothecary.” The soaps come in many scents such as sweet orange , lavender, and even cinnamon. Linden honey is also served in small jars in the Inn’s restaurant. We think that it’s a perfect gift for any occasion. (gift baskets!!??) Stop by Linden Spa next to the Inn and pick some up- and don’t forget to thank the bees!




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