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Help! I Need a Wedding Present!

May 22, 2014

Going to a wedding this weekend? Yup, us too! Have you sent your gift? Nope, us either. The real question isn’t what to wear but what to give! You want it to be something unique, timely AND stands out in a crowd of gifts. With that in mind, we walked over to Chef and Shower (vendor under registries) a beautiful kitchen and bath store here in Easton, to talk with Proprietor Caryn Luthy to see what people were buying and what she would suggest. Caryn said the trend this season is classic quality. Customers have purchased high quality knives (Wuesthof and Shun), appliances like the VitaMix and the SousVide water oven (used by chefs around the world, this fool proof method eliminates guess work and guarantees perfectly cooked food with amazing taste and texture). On the less expensive side, Caryn suggests hand blown margherita glasses and wine goblets. What is she buying this wedding season? “I love the Le Creuset stainless steel pots and pans. They are new, beautiful and come with a life-time guarantee.” For more great ideas, stop by Chef and Shower and ask for Caryn.
She’ll be happy to help you!

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