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Grandeur with Garden & Garnish

June 26, 2024

One of our favorite parts about a good wedding, besides the love and joy that comes with it, is the delicious food that you are sure to enjoy. Whether it’s a grazing style cocktail hour, or a full service meal, we know you can’t go wrong with Garden & Garnish. We talked with Cathy and Brian about the upcoming wedding season. Keep reading to hear how they can make your dream wedding meal come true!

Garden & Garnish catering

Photo courtesy of Sarah D’Ambra, at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Tell us a little bit about Garden & Garnish.
– What is your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry? –

We enjoy making beautiful food that is fresh and tasty. As our name is Garden and Garnish, we grow a lot of our own herbs and garnishes as well as some of our own vegetables. What makes us unique is that we take different venues and spaces each week and tailor them to suit the occasions, a space where everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy themselves.

– What would you say are the top 3 things couples should consider when looking for a caterer? –

First of all, it should be someone with whom you are comfortable working. The food should be excellent, tastings should be offered, and the menu tailored to your tastes and budget. Lastly, experience counts. When a caterer has been in business for a long time, there is a reason.

– What do you think is the best thing about the array of options that you can potentially offer a couple? –

We are diverse in what we can offer couples because we have been cooking for over 30 years and we have an extensive recipe box, if you will. We can create a variety of ethnic food as well as regional favorites, and the conversation always starts with what’s in season locally.

– Can you tell us an example of a problem that you solved for a wedding client? –

Weather is always a potential problem, especially on the waterfront. We have had many scenarios where we have had to move the party or reimagine the event on the day – and we get it done. Our staff is so fast at shifting gears and adjusting to all kinds of situations. We also ask for all food allergy needs ahead of time, so the day of we have special plates for special guests.

– What is the most important thing you would like couples to know about Garden & Garnish? –

We work with you one-on-one to meet your needs. All our menus are custom designed with your tastes and the seasons in mind. We offer tastings, work with budgets, and offer planning help every step of the way. We can arrange for everything and have a list of terrific vendors that are as impressive as we are.

Left: Photo courtesy of Kimberly F. Denn Photography, at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum | Right: Photo courtesy of Cathy Schmidt

Photo courtesy of Linsdey Arnstein at Breckenridge Barn


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