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Tent 101

August 14, 2014

These days, tents are stylish as well as practical. On the Shore, where we’ve been known to have surprise late-day showers, most brides choose to have a tent, particularly for peace of mind. Who knew that tents have become in many ways the star of the show! With so many different styles to choose from, brides are free to include their tent in their other styling decisions. Besides the overall shape of the tent, don’t forget to look up- yes, the ceiling is also your canvas! Adding twinkle lighting, fabric swags, unique fixtures like chandeliers, even floral arrangements and projected patterned images makes your wedding even more visually dramatic and memorable.

Ebb Tide Tent and Party Rentals is just the place to help you find the perfect tent for your event. Locally-owned and -operated, Ebb Tide has been providing quality tents, party rentals and superb customer service to the Eastern Shore community since the mid-70s. One fun fact about them- their family-owned company began as a restaurant, and, due to popular demand, they eventually ventured into the rental business that they have today.

We find that one thing today’s Eastern Shore bride demands and appreciates is prompt and caring customer service along with quality products. The folks at Ebb Tide are available 24/7 to help with any need an event may present. Check out the video below featuring their unique cleaning method for their tents!

Keeping an eye towards innovation while honoring tradition- that’s Ebb Tide’s hallmark. Give Heather, Willie, or Kathy a call at 410-827-0333.


Ebb Tide is located in Queenstown, MD on the lovely Eastern Shore. 1-800-675-6053

Photography courtesy Andrew Nock Photography and Jenna Walcott Photography

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