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What do you feel is the most unique feature of a Sweetbay Design wedding?

I have worked with some lovely brides and they seem to pick up on my style by looking at my MESW listing and browsing my website. The fact that all of my gardens are organically grown is something that a lot of my brides like. I use as much as I can from the Sweetbay gardens from April through November, which has great appeal to my couples!

Do you have different price points? How flexible are you with couples?

Other than corsages and boutonnieres, I do not have set prices. I take the time to figure out how many and what flowers and greenery I will need for every bouquet, centerpiece, arbor, garland, etc. Meeting with a bride makes it easier to figure out exactly what she is looking for. However, many of my brides live far away and meeting with them is not always possible so we communicate a lot by email with photos and email.

How do you work with other vendors?

I have met a lot of vendors that I really enjoy working with; we just “click” and work together well. I think it helps to introduce yourself to every new vendor you meet because we are all working to the same end. The photographer, caterer, innkeeper, etc. are all working hard to make a wedding special and when the vendors work together, all goes well! I have helped out caterers, wedding planners and photographers when things have gone awry and they have done the same for me.

Tell me a story that illustrates the best things about a Sweet Bay wedding!

Every bride or groom has something meaningful in their lives that can become part of the wedding planning. I encourage brides to think about using personal and meaningful touches to make their wedding special for them. I often tell brides about a delightful couple I worked with several years ago. She was a mathematician and he, a chemist. (pretty smart couple! ) The groom had collected all types of old glass beakers from a lab and they wanted to use these for their centerpieces. I thought that was a great idea and that‘s just what we did. Every table had 3 -5 beakers filled with a variety of garden flowers. It was beautiful!

I am always open to new ideas and try very hard to work with every couple to achieve exactly what they are expecting and hoping so their wedding day will be a day to remember!

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