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Steve Moody's Entertainment Collection

– Tell Us a Little About Your Background –

Steve created SMEC in 1989 while living in Baltimore, MD. After moving to the Eastern Shore, he worked alone as a sole proprietor, performing between 80 and 100 weddings each season. As the wedding industry changed and couples began to expect more from their DJs than just music, Steve found that many of the other companies were not offering the same level of customer service as he was. So, in 2009 Steve expanded his business, training new entertainers to do his brand of entertainment. Unlike many other Maryland based entertainment companies, Steve’s team members are all actual employees of his company and not subcontractors. They all go through the same training program, have the same uniform, equipment, music library etc. SMEC currently has DJs from Ocean City, MD to Washington, DC with their office and showroom centrally located in downtown Easton, MD.

– How Do Couples Find You? – 

The vast majority of SMEC’s bookings come directly through referrals from local venues. In fact, SMEC is on the preferred vendors list at over 40 of Maryland and Delaware’s most beautiful wedding venues. Couples can be confident in their referrals and rest easy knowing that there will not be any surprises. When couples first contact SMEC, their first question, after checking the date, is “How Much Does A Wedding Cost?” and, more specifically, how much do DJs cost? In most cases, couples have never hired a DJ so they have no idea what questions to ask besides price. Every wedding is entirely unique. Some couples are interested in hiring a DJ for their 4 hour reception only while others are interested in a full day of services- hiring the DJ for their ceremony and cocktail hour along with the reception. They may want to add on enhancements such as a photobooth, special lighting. It’s always best to spend a few minutes talking together to find out the exact details of a couple’s wish list so that all of the bases are covered when quoting a price.

– What Makes You Different? – 

The biggest difference between SMEC and other DJs is that SMEC is a full-time entertainment company. That means full time effort is put into every event. A couple’s wedding is not something happening after working another job during the day. It’s not a hobby or something done for fun on the side. Client phone calls, texts, and emails are answered immediately. There’s an office where clients can come meet and greet. The staff members are employees. Wedding planning is extensive and comprehensive and professionalism shines through. With over 700 online reviews from different wedding websites, SMEC has become the area’s most reviewed, most awarded and most referred wedding DJ service. If there’s one word that venue staff, clients and other wedding pros use when describing SMEC in online reviews, it’s “Professional”.

–  Can You Give Us an Example of a Problem You Solved for a Client? – 

Problem solving is everything in the wedding industry. Steve tells all of his trainees that they are getting paid to be problem-solvers. Anyone can host a wedding, and play great music when all of the conditions are perfect. The training and professionalism come in if things get a little off track. What happens when the power goes out? What happens when the cake begins to collapse due to humidity? What happens when the bride and groom are over two hours late to their own reception due to their limo breaking down on their way to take pictures off-property? What happens when disagreements come up regarding musical tastes between the bride and her mother who paid for the wedding? What happens when your DJ gets sick? Who’s able to handle things so smoothly that no other guests even notice there’s a problem?

–  What Should Couples Consider When Looking for a DJ? – 

As stated earlier, every wedding, every couple and every DJ service is different. The most important thing is for the couple to find a company that best reflects their interests as a couple. It’s not about finding a DJ that someone else says is the best. The couples that are most happy with their entertainment are the couples who really take the time to get to know what to expect during their planning process and their actual wedding day. The DJ is the only person in the room with the microphone, therefore, the loudest and most frequently heard voice. He or she should be someone that is a good representation of the couple and their family and friends. For weddings the DJ also acts as Master of Ceremonies- basically “your voice” to your family and friends. There is a DJ service for every personality. Know what you’re getting, in advance, so that there are no surprises on your wedding day.

Couples should also consider the DJ’s training. While SMEC entertainers go through a year-long training program and have already assisted in over 100 weddings before being contracted as a lead MC/lead DJ, most DJs in this market have little if any training. While SMEC team members attend regional and national DJ conferences and conventions in order to better their craft and up their game, most DJs learn from trial and error.

Finally, every couple is different. They should invest their time and money in services that are the most important to them. Stay away from internet charts and graphs that tell them how much should be spent on a specific aspect of your wedding day. For example, if your wedding is in the middle of the afternoon in a garden, you’re not going to have to spend a huge portion of your budget on additional flowers. If you are having a quiet reception that is more of a cocktail party with music playing in the background all day, you may not want to over-spend on entertainment. However, if you LOVE pictures and the beautiful memories they represent, you may want to spend more of your budget on a reputable photographer. If you want your family and friends to have an incredible, memorable celebration with dancing and smiles, you will want to invest in a more reputable DJ service.


–  Please Describe the Array of Services you Offer – 

SMEC has grown so much over the year and now offers everything from ceremony to honeymoon! A few years ago, after seeing a few slip -ups during ceremonies, Steve decided to get his officiant’s license in order to perform the actual ceremony as well as providing all of the sound. SMEC also offers separate sound systems for cocktail hours in additional locations on-property. Wedding days are always handled by a two-person team featuring the lead Master of Ceremonies/DJ and an assistant. Lighting enhancements include up-lighting around the perimeter of the ballroom, the couples name and wedding day in lights projected onto the center of the dance floor. For couples who are interested in a photobooth, SMEC also offers an elegant photobooth enclosed in pipe and drape. Lastly, for couples considering a honeymoon at any of the exotic Sandals Resorts, Steve’s wife, Lori, has merged her travel company and partnered with Sandals in order to offer special one-of-a-kind services for your Honeymoon Package. Many of SMEC’s clients are “grand slam” couples- meaning they have booked Steve to officiate their ceremony, DJ their reception AND, with Lori’s help, set up their travel and honeymoon at Sandals!

Steve Moody's Entertainment Collection


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