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Funky Dress Socks for Groomsmen

July 17, 2013

Looking for a way to make your groom and his guys stand out on your big day? Brightly colored and patterned dress socks have become a popular accessory to spice up any suit or tux this wedding season!

We love the trend because it allows the groom and his right-hand-men to show some personality while still looking uniform from a distance. When standing the dress socks stay fairly hidden, but when seated each guy lets his colors play peekaboo! Have your groom choose a style for his groomsmen, or give them a color palette and set them free to choose their own for a less tailored look! Check out zoraab.com and dapperclassics.com for an assorted but slightly subdued dress sock collection or joyofsocks.com to find a wider, more playful variety!

Follow My Eastern Shore Wedding’s Groom-ing board on Pinterest for more ideas about how to gussy up the men in your wedding!



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