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A Field Trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show

March 13, 2014

It’s always exciting when MyEasternShoreWedding does a little field trip. It gets our ideas flowing and, in this case, shakes off the winter blues. With that as our goal, we took off a day last week and headed for the Philadelphia Flower Show. And what a feast for the senses it was! From the Alexander Calder-inspired entrance with it’s giant frame surrounding amazing floral shapes to the fun marketplace, we felt infinitely hopeful that spring and summer are on the horizon and that we will, in fact, survive this winter. Here’s a visual treat for you all to experience the gorgeous and almost crazy good displays from this floral extravaganza. We came back with some inspiration for weddings too, so look closely and you’ll see a few “wedding-y” items that you will surely love as much as we did.


Would you believe… these are wooden roses!


Cutlery Couture specializes in cutlery apparel. What is cutlery apparel, you ask? Owners Petra and Alison create these beautiful silverware pouches that we think would be the perfect addition to your wedding tablescape! With collections ranging from “Fine Linen” to “Simply Neutral”, you’re sure to find something that fits your style and add that boutique flare to your special day. Bonus: these ladies got their start right down the road in Ocean City so be sure to check out their beach-inspired collection for your waterfront wedding!
Ocean City Coastal Collection, Crab Burlap (Set of 8): $28.00
3-Bud Fleurs Vase: email for availability


How beautiful are these vintage lace-inspired necklaces? Adorned by Aisha owner and designer, Aisha says she has always been inspired by the “romanticized view of the world” at the turn of the century and decided to create her own jewelry and accessories line. Check out her online shop for everything from delicate lace and pearl jewelry to adorned antique hairpieces. The Lace Collection Necklaces and Earrings: $16.00 to $38.00.


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