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Festive Fall Florals Two Ways | DIY Bouquet & Centerpiece

November 6, 2019

DIY Fall Centerpiece and Bridal Bouquet with native plants from the Eastern Shore

The heat is finally gone and the cooler days are here! Wanna have some fun with Fall Florals? Check out two of our fav floral designers at work on some beauties. We love how Ashley Sherwood of Sherwood Florist and Nancy Beatty from Sweetbay Flowers have gotten their inspo from the native plants here on the Shore. And the best thing is that YOU can make them, too! 

Here’s what you’ll need for both arrangements:

  • clippers
  • sharp knife to clean stems
  • chicken wire
  • floral twine or tape
  • pretty vase or container


– Design A Fall Flower Bridal Bouquet –


Autumn florals we used for bridal bouquet:

  • Amaranthus Green Upright
  • Davaillia Fern
  • Umbrella Fern
  • Sword Fern
  • Variegated Pitt
  • Ruffled Kale
  • Green Mist Queen Anne’s Lace
  • Burgundy Scabiosa
  • Israeli Ruscus
  • Plumosa Fern
  • Jade Green Rose

Florals for fall bridal bouquet for an Eastern Shore wedding

Lay out your “palette” of flowers and greenery. It helps to see all that you have that may end up in the bouquet.

Trend alert! Dried, bleached flowers are very popular at the moment and we think these delicate ferns look lovely in this bouquet!

“Fluff” the roses- don’t be afraid to do a little gentle pulling to “open” up the buds. Shave thorns off stems from about mid-stalk down.

This floral “egg” helps form the structure and framework for building the bouquet. Use greenery first and keep this a little loose for an “organic” look. 

Take a look in a mirror every so often so you can see it the size is right against your body and to see if you need to make adjustments. You can also make sure the “egg” is hidden. If you’re doing one “showpiece” flower, such as a peony, put those in first.

Bind arrangement together with a zip tie, pipe cleaner or Bind-It

Cut stems short so the bride will feel comfortable holding the bouquet close to her body.

Trendy bleached florals make up this fall bridal bouquet for an Eastern Shore wedding

Put ribbon around stems last to keep from absorbing moisture from the flowers and greenery. Use pearl end stick pins to finish.

Fantastic Fall Floral Bridal Bouquet for an Eastern Shore wedidng

The finished bouquet- G E O R G E O U S!


– Design A Fall Flower Centerpiece –

Autumn florals we used for centerpiece:

  • Mexican Sage
  • Amaranthus
  • Persimmon
  • Magnolia pods
  • Hypericum Berries
  • white and purple Beauty Berry
  • Love in a Puff
  • Black Pearl Pepper
  • Mums
  • Roses
  • Clematis blooms
  • other: Nandina berries, Cayenne Peppers, Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Chokeberry, Broom 
    Corn, greenery of Magnolia, Tinus Viburnum, and Ninebark

Fall Florals for Fall using native plants in Centerpiece for an Eastern Shore wedding

A very fall-looking floral palette from Sweetbay Flowers starts off the centerpiece. 

Seasonal colors for a fall centerpiece for an Eastern Shore wedding

Look for interesting seasonal fruits or vegetables to add to the design such as persimmons, tiny pumpkins or gourds.

Fall Floral Designs using native plants

Chicken wire shaped to fit in a pretty vase works every time. And don’t forget to add some water to the vase before you start the arrangement.

Remove any leaves from stems that will touch water to prevent rot.

Sweetbay Flowers Nancy Beatty creates a lovely fall centerpiece

Before you begin, decide on your general finished shape. Do you want something loose and organic? Fairly tight and vertical? Deciding beforehand will help you build your design. 

Attach a floral pick to the bottom of the persimmon and insert into the design. Note that if you’re using friuts, etc. it’s best to add as close to display time for the arrangement as possible as it has a short “shelf” life. You may have to replace over the time you’re displaying the arrangement, every couple of days or so, to keep the arrangement looking its best overall.

Now you know why it’s called “Love in a Puff”- such adorable seeds with little white hearts!

Gorgeous centerpiece using native plants for an Eastern Shore wedding

Admire your B E A U T I F U L arrangement. Wouldn’t this look fabulous on your head table??


Bouquet design | Ashley Sherwood, Sherwood Florist
Centerpiece design | Nancy Beatty, Sweetbay Flowers
Photography | Melissa Grimes-Guy Photography

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