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Local Bliss: Honeymooning on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

June 18, 2024

In the whirlwind of wedding planning, the thought of jetting off to a far-flung destination for your honeymoon might seem enticing. However, it can also seem like an extra stressor, and one that might be completely avoidable! There’s something truly special about honeymooning close to home, especially in the picturesque landscapes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Opting for a local honeymoon might be the perfect choice for you! The stress of travel logistics and jet lag is nonexistent, and you can enjoy a relaxing getaway without the hassle of long flights and complicated itineraries. Honeymooning locally also allows you to transition from wedding bliss to honeymoon relaxation seamlessly when you stay close to your wedding destination. You can start the honeymoon without skipping a beat! There’s also something incredibly romantic about celebrating your love story in a location that comes with so much sentimental value. Whether you’re an Eastern Shore Native, or someone who fell in love with the Eastern Shore as their romantic wedding destination, it’s the best place to keep the love going!

Take a look at two of our favorite and oh-so charming destinations on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that are perfect for honeymooners!

Rock Hall, MD

Haven Harbour Marina Resorts provides the ultimate Eastern Shore getaway with views and vibes like a private tropical resort! | Photo courtesy of Cassidy MR Photography

Looking for a tropical getaway without traveling to the tropics? Look no further! Nestled along the Chesapeake Bay, Rock Hall offers a serene and romantic setting for honeymooners. Consider staying at the Inn at Haven Harbour, where you’ll find everything you need for a dreamy getaway. With waterfront views, a honeymoon suite, and three on-site restaurants, you’ll be pampered in luxury from the moment you arrive. Spend your days exploring the town’s local shops, embarking on sailing charters, or enjoying paddle boarding and kayaking right on-site. For added relaxation, indulge in spa treatments at one of Kent County’s charming spas.


Talbot County, MD

The Tidewater Inn and The Oaks Waterfront Hotel both offer romantic getaways in the heart of Talbot County! | Photos courtesy of Laura’s Focus Photography

For a honeymoon filled with historic charm and waterfront beauty, look no further than Easton or St. Michael’s. The Oaks and Tidewater Inn are two exquisite options for honeymoon accommodations. At Tidewater Inn, you’ll have access to luxurious spa treatments, perfect for unwinding after your wedding festivities. Both venues offer romantic dining experiences and are situated close to local shopping destinations. Whether you choose to explore the town and grab snacks at The Fool’s Lantern or indulge in delicious seafood at the Crab Claw, Easton and St. Michael’s offer endless opportunities for romance and relaxation. Don’t forget to visit local wellness centers like Hydrate Health & Wellness and Alternative Therapy for some extra pampering during your stay. You can even bring home local gifts for your family and friends from Doehrn Tea Co!

Whether you choose Rock Hall, Talbot County, or any of the Eastern Shore’s beautiful destinations, we hope that you enjoy a romantic getaway with your special someone.

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