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An Autumn Engagement

March 5, 2015

It’s finally March and most of us are ready to welcome warmer temperatures and the greening of spring! While I’m definitely more of a warm-weather kind of gal, I inevitably find myself missing the chill of fall and winter when they’re gone…cozy layers, hot chocolate and roaring fires hold a special place in my heart, too! While we’re still in the midst of these wintery temperatures, let’s take a minute to savor the warmth of cold-weather engagement sessions like this one shot by Melissa Grimes-Guy Photography:

“Caitlin and Josh are from Virginia and are in the midst of planning their upcoming wedding at The Oaks in Royal Oak, Maryland. When they told me they also wanted to do their engagement session somewhere on the Shore, needless to say, I was so excited! We talked about a look and feel for their session and I knew just the place…a venue that has it all—panoramic views of the Miles River, charming Eastern Shore ambiance, and steeped in history and heritage of the Chesapeake Bay. Is it any wonder that the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is one of my favorite places to shoot portraiture? The museum property is a photographer’s dream come true. Working with Caitlin and Josh was such fun! They wanted to use the various backgrounds available to us at the museum which we definitely did—and what a beautiful day we had!” 

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