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Delicious food and creative chef from Royal Oak Catering Company in St. Michaels, MD.

– Why and When Did You Start Royal Oak Catering Company –

We made it official this summer!  By marrying two companies with extensive food service history, we believe we can more fully serve the whole event market and create a stellar overall experience with more diverse offerings.

– Where We Work – 

We see Talbot and the surrounding counties as our main focus but of course our off-site team will go anywhere!  Since the merger, we have greatly expanded our resources.  We have enriched our team of coordinators, sales, event managers as well as enlarged our physical space and storage.

– Describe Some of  Your Most Requested Dishes – 

One of our favorite things to offer our clients is locally-sourced food. We’ve worked hard to develop strong relationships with local fishermen, farmers, bakers, to name a few. Couples love to have a Maryland flare highlighted in their menus, so, we encourage lots of crab, rockfish, and oysters pared with filet mignon, local asparagus and herb roasted potatoes (from our own herb garden!)- and a delicious meal is born! Who’s hungry??!!

–  Top 5 Things to Consider When Hiring A Caterer – 
  • Customer service- personalized quality commitment to the customer
  • Experience- It’s so important to understand what the client wants and help them achieve it.
  • Customized menus- WE like to create menus based on our clients’ preferences, which, in turn, make for a smooth event flow. And, happy people!
  • Excellent, exciting food!- always request a tasting- your tastebuds don’t lie!!

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