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Gorgeous Garden Party Inspired Wedding, 12 Years in the Making!

December 8, 2017

What a beautiful day for these incredibly precious high school sweethearts! Kristin & Kyle’s wedding was a long time coming, but it is easy to see in this gallery from J. Nicole Photography that the love and light between them has never been brighter! 

From the bride, Kristin: Kyle and I have a very unique story; one you don’t hear very often. We first met our junior year in high school (2005) and it was love at first sight from then on. When you date in high school you never know what the future truly holds because college was next on our agendas after graduation. Kyle decided to enroll in the Marine Corp (2008) shortly after we graduated from high school and I moved away to college with a softball scholarship. It was story of true love since he was stationed in California and I remained at school working on my degree. In four years of active military he went on two tours to Afghanistan and I can count on two hands the amount of times we may have seen each other over the four years he was in the Marines. Distance is a test of true love and you learn to make things work. While he was gone I had the opportunity to stay busy and finish my degree and in the early part of 2012 he completed his active requirement in the Marines and was granted the chance to finally come home! Kyle came home and went back to college. Fast forward to 2014, we always knew we wanted to get married, but have never been in a rush because school, jobs and a strong career where first on the list. Our story is so special because Kyle bought a ring over the summer and he has always been the type of person to never hold surprises since he becomes so excited. It was actually his birthday August 8th and we both were off from work that day and decided to go fishing at our favorite spot. As we were fishing I was busy looking out over the water and in the meantime Kyle has dropped to one knee with the ring in his hand and told me to turn. I was in complete shock and honestly don’t think I ever said yes for a few minutes because I just couldn’t believe it. We were both so excited and it was an extra special moment for him since it was his birthday also. If you ask him to this day, he had no intention of proposing on his birthday, but he was so excited and couldn’t wait any longer. After out engagement we decided to hold off on the wedding since we both were working towards finishing school (I started a second degree) and finding steady jobs and a home. During the summer of 2016 we set our date and found our venue at Bay wood greens. The date was extra special since I always wanted a fall wedding, yet when I was told that September 9th, 2017 was available we had to select it, since that is the same exact date we started dating 12 years ago! Everything fell into place and we began planning. A year of wedding planning sure does fly by! I chose the colors navy blue and blush pink to accent all the beautiful floral displays the venue had to offer. Our wedding day was absolutely gorgeous and we had approximately 150 guests. There was a total of five girls and five guys who stood by our sides and helped make our day so special. We had cupcakes, donuts and a candy bar to offer our guests and of course plenty of awesome dancing. I certainly could not have asked for a better day and we can’t thank our parents enough for everything they did for us. All the years of waiting and planning paid off and we can finally say we are husband and wife! The best part is simply saying that we are the true definition of high school sweethearts and have overcome many challenges during our relationship and we are both so excited about what the future has to offer!


Photography | J. Nicole Photography
Venue | The Clubhouse at Baywood
Hair | R. Sterling Hair Boutique
Makeup | Sarah Rowan-Hostetler
DJ | Just Kidding Around Entertainment
Bridal Gown & Bridesmaid Dresses | Scher’s Bridal Shop
Groomsmen Attire | Michael Kors
Invitations | The Wedding Shop by Shutterfly
Officiant | Jeffrey Gisriel

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